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  • Sgt. Dutch

    +++++++++++++++++ Communication from TSU-HQ +++++++++++++++++


    Comrades, with a new year now in full flow it’s time to plan our operations.

    After all, it has been ten years since the Army of Toy Soldiers and were founded! 10 years we have marched upon the world, infiltrating, invading, and operating around the globe, for Fun, for Creativity, for World Domination and a Utopian Playland!

    The 10 year anniversary will be celebrated on our army wide holiday March 4th, also known as Toy Soldier Day! Already numerous Toy Soldiers have started organizing projects to celebrate, such as the Build A Playland project by Dr. Malice. There are other projects in the pipeline, however some Toy Soldiers may prefer to keep them secret until the time is right.

    If you do have something planned, but want to keep it quiet until March 4th, please let us at TSU-HQ know ahead of time, so we can help coordinate and advise if needs be.

    There are some things that aren’t so secret, such as the Disneyland and Disneyworld invasions. These invasions have been part of the Toy Soldier Army since its inception, so start preparing! Resident Toy Soldiers and Divisions nearby will be posting up invasion plans soon!

    For Europe, plans are being set into motion for an invasion of a London location, not as large as Disney, but just as fun. Details will be released soon once we have confirmation, but anyone travelling, know that we’re aiming for Friday the 4th and/or Saturday the 5th of March.

    If you’re unable to make it to these invasions, do not despair. Everyone is capable of organizing a way to celebrate Toy Soldier Day, and we do encourage you to do so! It doesn’t make a difference if you’re part of a division or not!

    Why not have a NERF battle with friends, or battle toy robots, or invade online games, or spread the word about future technologies, inspiring hope in others that the future does not have to be a bleak dystopian nightmare.

    After all it is a day of creativity, of fun, of declaring to the world we refuse to be bored, we refuse to have our minds bludgeoned with banality and tedium!


    • Operation: Nerf War – Grab your foam dart guns, grab your friends and/or victims, and have at it like none before!
    • Operation: Meatspace Invasion – Head up to a gig or club night or event of any description with your comrades and have a blast!
    • Operation: Cyberspace Invasion – Gather a squad of Toy Soldiers online, and mercilessly post our propaganda at those heartless and cruel institutions that stand in the way of our beloved Utopian Playland!
    • Operation: Come Together – Don’t just reminisce about old days, but forge new ones. Toy Soldiers old and new, hanging out, shooting the breeze.
    • Operation: The Sexiest Army In The World – Feeling proud and beautiful? Worked hard on your uniform? Get someone to take photos of you in all your magnificent glory!
    • Operation: Propaganda Production – Create some new propaganda for any Toy Soldier in the army to use, be it images, audio, video or whatever!
    • Operation: Pinecone Salvation – Delve into your mind, and engineer a reality the likes the world has never seen before. Create whatever makes YOU happy!
    • Operation: World Domination – It’s simple. We want to take over the world, because if you’ve dominated the world, it’s a lot easier to fix things. But you can start fixing things now. The system is broken already, no need to smash it, but we can improve it, make it better. Be it charity, good causes, peaceful protests, or something that will benefit the pinecones of others.
    • Operation: Operation CreationCreate your own missions. There is SO MUCH you can do, and it’s impossible for us to list everything you could do here. 

    The Digital Bunker we know as does have resources available to help you get going.

    If you need posters, uniform parts and such head on over to the Armory to requisition your supplies!
    For some awesome tunes created by talented Toy Soldiers themselves, there’s the TSU Audio Labs on Bandcamp!
    Need to find out who’s in your area and might be willing to celebrate with you? Check out the Toy Soldier Map!
    And let’s not forget the every useful Propaganda Toolkit, where you can find brilliant resources to aid you in brainwashing the masses!

    On a final note, here in TSU-HQ, Commander JET and myself would like to wish you the most amazing Toy Soldier Day you could possibly have. Have fun, and be happy.

    (Any further updates will be made directly to this post and as a reply in the thread. Subscribe to this topic to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates!)

  • techiefIve

    I’ve created a Facebook event for the Disneyland, California invasion and sent invitation to the 1123rd Southern California and 101st Greater Los Angeles Division members. In case anyone else is interested in attending, here’s the link to the event page:

  • Sgt. Nack

    I went to check out that Facebook page and it doesn’t show as an available page.

  • Sgt. Dutch

    @techiefIve said:
    I’ve created a Facebook event for the Disneyland, California invasion and sent invitation to the 1123rd Southern California and 101st Greater Los Angeles Division members. In case anyone else is interested in attending, here’s the link to the event page:

    Techie, you’ve got it set to private, so unless someone is friends with your or someone else already invited, it wont show for them.

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