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Toy Soldier Day 2012

    • Late one night last month was talking with JET about what her plans where for TSDay. When she said prop not much being the only Soldier for many light years I found this unacceptable and told I would drive out and join her for TSDay. So thats what I did drove over 750miles taking about 13hrs and evening passing a tornado on the way there(just kept saying “must drive faster”), it was a awesome weekend. I got there Friday night and left Monday morning, the weekend was filled with epic home made meals(i cooked saturday, JET sunday), an art museum, and an invasion of the Toledo Zoo, not to mention epic Magic the Gathering battles. The following are some pics I took for the trip enjoy.

      I mean I’m going to see the leader of the FDC

      starting mileage

      c u later Rhode Island

      Hello New York

      Rainy Day in Boston at the Toledo Art museum

      end mileage

    • Commander JET

      Yay!!! I need to add pics to this!!:D

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