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    • *Salutes* Greetings Soldiers and welcome to the Think Tank. A place for the Rainbow Corps to come up with ideas for Corps themed missions, invasions, recruitment, and all out wackiness. So come on and throw out some ideas. Let’s get this party started! :-)

    • Operation: Rainbow Cupcake


      Much like the propaganda mission using cupcakes but why not let them taste the rainbow while we are at it. Let them know that it’s compliments of Toy Soldiers Unite and the Rainbow Corps. If possible make them for a Gay gathering or event. …….mmmmmmmm cupcakes. Have fun and  enjoy. And don’t forget to log it as a “Completed Mission”.

      ~SPC Voodoo

      The easy way-

      Or maybe from scratch-


    • SerenityRises

      I know many toy soldiers have or are in the process of making uniforms.  What about adding a rainbow patch or a badge saying Rainbow Corps. to your uniform?  

    • Yes indeed, Serenity. Thanks for the awesome idea. The Rainbow Corps is actually a new group within the TSU so we actually hadn’t gotten to discussing patches for the uniforms and such. I love the idea of a rainbow pride flag patch on the uniform. I am currently looking at the best option for such patches to distribute to Rainbow Corps members. I will keep you all updated.

    • Commander JET

      Love the rainbow cupcake idea!cool

      Patches are great but, can be very expensive. If you are buying 10 you mid as well get 100 for about the same price (no kidding). At this point you may want to wait til you get more members that are active to see how much you want to invest and how many will buy them with you.

      In the meantime..

      I just want to put up this link of our mission we have at the moment on TSU. I think many of these can be altered to reflect the rainbow corps as well.

      Like the first one for the arm bands. It’s easy to print out a rainbow armband of paper with the logo on it (of course I will help you make it if you like)

      Also I see tons of Rainbow material at fabric stores. It would be easy to get that material and hot glue or pin a patch on one for now just to represent til you get patches.wink

      And..sometimes for events I get these pins at the craft store that are empty and you can put a round picture/logo in them. They are about $1 each. They are easy you just pop out the back and put the paper in there then pop them back together!

      Here is one I did for Anime USA in Virginia :)

      …and here is another for a little event we called Epic Battle in the gift bags. :)

      o.o ok now I’m just kiss *hands you your thread back*

    • Commander JET
      Keymaster more thought! Candy bracelets to hand out at events! They are rainbows..and who can resist those?laugh


      o.o k I’m done..for the night!kiss


    • SerenityRises

      Those are definitely some economically sound suggestions, and I love the candy bracelets idea!  I’ll try to keep that in mind.laugh  Thanks Commander! 

    • Thanks for the info and the ideas, Jet. I am loving that candy bracelet idea. I know that I, for one, can not resist them. :-) As for the patch idea I see where you are coming from. Let me throw this out there also. Until we actually get to the point of having actual Rainbow Corps patches how would you all feel about just a simple Rainbow Pride Flag patch? I will look online and ask around here locally and see how feasible that might be. Until then though all the options above are great ideas.

      So Jet, feel free to ramble on. I have been known to ramble also. ;-)

    • We could also go with TSU rainbow buttons (as in pinback buttons) instead. That might be a bit less expensive than patches. Not sure how to design that but maybe someone with more artistic skills than me has an idea. 

    • Constable Ad-Tavi

      Hmm, perhaps incorporate rainbow grosgrain ribbon onto an armband with the round Toy Soldier patch as part of our uniform?? Just a thought….and well, I am looking into the overall cost of patches for an order of 50 minimum…who would be willing to purchase one….if I can get enough backers….perhaps I will do an order. I would only do an order though if there is enough interest. laugh

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