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The Secret World

    • Andrew_M

      It’s a fun game, very Cthulhu meets World of Darkness. Zombies, sea monsters and hell dimensions are all I’ve seen so far, but I’m only to the second area. The boss of the first area is literally Cthulhu himself and is a awesome fight. There’s no real ‘leveling’ per say, you get the same amount of xp from all mobs of that effective level and you gain skill points and ability points as you progress. Mainly it’s a gear based progression, with you doing dungeons, quests and crafting to get better weapons and items, then applying your skill points how you want to use them.

      If anyone else is playing this, hit me up! I’ve got a Dragon and a Templar so far, haven’t made a Illuminate yet. I’ll get the name of my Dragon when I get a chance, but my Templar is “Kasalab”.

    • Andrew_M

      Oh, and before I forget, yes, the game does in fact look like that. That is what you should expect for graphics, even on the lowest settings.

    • Captain Dermut

      Yep, I was pretty thrilled when I first heard about this.

      Then there was the nearly 7 years wait… and in these years they drifted further and further from the Cthulhu mythos game they first advertised. In the end I decided not to bother as most of the game play I’ve seen had little or nothing to do with Cthulhu or any Lovecraftian horror I’ve ever read. All and all, I though it was just an other zombie/freaky Japanese monster RPG with some Cthulhu monster thrown in as player bait.

      Was I far off?

      Fighting the dark god in the very beginning of the game and actually winning? Yeah, sounds real close to the mythos.

    • Andrew_M

      Like I said, I’m only up to the second area. But the first? Yeah, it’s straight out of the mythos. The areas are on “Solomon Island”, the first dungeon boss’ name is “The Ur-Draug”, there’s more then just zombies such as these things.

      Some of the other folks in my household that play this found a giant zombie bear locked in a rune prison a few days ago. Finally managed to open it the other day, got one shot by it. Went back, expecting to find it locked up again after despawning. Nope, it’s wandering around the zone randomly ganking players with 3k damage hits[which unless you’re either a tank or melee dps build you’ve got roughly 2k hp at this point]. The four of them almost managed to kill it before the dps got to high for the healer since it stacks a -healing debuff when it hits.

      Dungeons are pretty much gear checks. There’s not many trash mobs, just boss after boss in little arenas. The first dungeon is pretty much a straight run with no surprises other then not standing in the water when the guy is shooting lightning, but the second one has things like dodging mass damage aoe pillars that activate in sequence/random order or having to constantly pull the boss further along the hallway to avoid the oncoming fire wall.

      So you can imagine the boss that combines the two. It’s a hallway with a row of these pillars along each side and when you engage the boss the end you came in lights on fire. The pillars activate in sequence[thankfully there is warning] and the fire slowly approaches. So it turns into beating the boss into the ground before you run out of room while moving him back and forth so you’re not standing in the aoes.

      One of the things I’m told is there is the ability to go back with a smaller group at a higher difficulty and get different and stronger mobs and different conditions.

    • I was in the closed beta, and I have to say, it’s definitly worth it if your PC can handle it.

      A few things to keep in mind for the second dungeon, inferno, though.

      When you reach the many-in one, KILL THE ADDS she spawns the first two times. The third time, kill her before they can reach her.

      When you reach the end boss, draw it to the orange markers on the ground to drop the shield, and run away from any target markers on the ground. When he starts carpet bombing, note the pattern the markers make, and try to avoid it. It isn’t easy to get the hang of, but practise makes perfect.

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