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The Misadventures of Toy Soldier Tommy.

    • Meet toy soldier Tommy. He’s a soldier like you and me, doing what he likes and generally having fun. Only one thing makes him special.
      A sweet haircut.

      Now one day, our soldier was dutifully handing out propaganda leaflets to passers-by in his city. Some people seemed interested, others didn’t seem interested, and some just didn’t seem to care. All in all, a pretty standard day.

      Now it was on this pretty standard day that a very strange person approached Tommy. There was something about this person that just seemed off somehow. For starters, he wore a tinfoil hat. Secondly (and completely disregarding the tinfoil hat), he wore a very nice though a bit outdated suit. He walked towards Tommy, peering at him through his circular glasses, which I forgot to mention he wore. About six steps away from our soldier, he picked up a leaflet someone had carelessly thrown on the ground, and started to read. Halfway through, he peered at Tommy again, and stepped closer. A bit too close in fact, our dear friend was feeling a bit violated. “You should be more careful…” he wispered. Tommy looked at this strange man, feeling quite confused. “Why?” was all our prosaic friend could think of saying. “They’re watching…” the stranger replied, casting furtive looks around, “They’re always watching, they don’t WANT us to have fun. They want to keep us under control!”. Tommy was getting suspicious now, who was this stranger, and why was he telling him this? Also, how the hell did he know all that? Before he could ask anything, however, the stranger had already shuffled away, casting furtive looks all around. He did, however, leave a business card. Or maybe he just dropped it by accident. In any case, when Tommy picked it up from the ground, he found out who this stranger was. Apparently he was a professional internet investigator (whatever that may be), by the name of Sirius N. Utter.

      It was getting dark by that time, so Tommy headed home. He did, however, managed to completely miss the glowing UFO hovering over his head. This might have had something to do with the fact that it was invisible, though.


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      Later that day, our soldier reached his home. As did the UFO, but Tommy didn’t realise that yet. Tommy lived alone, so he didn’t have to worry about making a racket at 11 PM. As such, he went to his fridge and grabbed himself a nice bottle of beer. He moved to his couch, and switched his TV on. It automatically switched itself to National Geographic Channel, which he had been watching earlier. There was some kind of documentary about the illuminati on. It was mildly interesting, but Tommy didn’t see much of it, as he fell asleep after finishing his beer.

      When he woke up again, it was dark. Very dark. Even the TV was dark (did he switch it off?). And there was something wrong with the couch as well. It didn’t feel like a couch, it didn’t even smell like a couch. The air was cold, and didn’t really smell like anything. Nothing like his appartment, which definitly smelled like pizza. And then, quite suddenly, it wasn’t dark anymore. It was, in fact, quite bright. As his eyes adjusted, watering from the sudden flare, he saw some vague shapes moving closer to him. There was something weird about their heads, they didn’t have the right shape. They looked like pyramids, actually. His eyes adjusted a bit more, and now it seemed the pyramid heads had a single eye on their front side. Their bodies looked a sort of blue-ish hue, but otherwise seemed quite human. His eyes finally adjusted that last final bit, and the world moved into focus once more. Now he saw that the pyramid-shaped heads were in fact helmets, and that the blue-ish hue was a suit of sorts. There were three of them. And they were all looking at Tommy. For a few moments there was silence, but just before Tommy was about to say something, one of the weird people spoke. “Do you know why you are here?” It said with a mechanical buzzing sound, as if the helmet was somehow filtering its voice out. “No?” Tommy ventured, speaking the truth. “You are here, because you violate our system. You attempt to escape our control, and we cannot have that.” the creature replied. That was all tommy needed to hear. These creatures did not have good intentions, and it wasn’t in his best interest to stick around here. In a flare of courage even he didn’t expect from himself, he dashed from the shiny platform he was sitting on, past the surprised creatures, and into the hallway he saw behind them.

      As he ran down the hallway, he saw several more doorways just like the one he dashed out of. Most of these were closed, but in the ones that were open, he saw rooms just like the one he was in earlier, only empty. After a while he came across a doorway which was slightly larger than the others, and in a slight purple hue. He dashed inside, and spotted a button near the doorway’s frame. This button he pressed, and the doorway slammed shut. Now he finally had the chance to calm down a bit, the adrenalin subsiding from his system. He closed his eyes for a second, breathing deep and slow. He would have fallen asleep again, but a knocking sound brought him out of it again. He opened his eyes, and beheld the room he was in for the first time. It seemed to be a jail of sorts, with a multitude of small cells set in the walls at regular intervals, and with transparent barriers to hold the prisoners in, instead of the clich

    • Captain Dermut

      Will this continue… it stopped quite abruptly.

      I’d love to read more.

    • The Soldier who started it has not signed in in over 3months i would try sending a pm Dermut let me know if you dont get a reply.

    • Yes I have been away for a while, but it will continue! Finally have time to contribute again :)

    • seems part 2 got cut off a bit, so I’ll repost the last bit of that again


      He closed his eyes for a second, breathing deep and slow. He would have fallen asleep again, but a knocking sound brought him out of it again. He opened his eyes, and beheld the room he was in for the first time. It seemed to be a jail of sorts, with a multitude of small cells set in the walls at regular intervals, and with transparent barriers to hold the prisoners in, instead of the cliché bars. The sound was coming from one of the cells, so Tommy decided to investigate. As he drew closer, his mouth fell open. There was a person inside, wearing a uniform. He recognised that uniform. In fact, he was wearing one very similar to it…



      As he searched around for the release mechanism, the toy soldier (for what else could he be) inside the cell opened his eyes weakly, spotted tommy, and sprang to his feet. ‘Quickly’, he hissed, ‘The release button is just to the left, under that big yellow sign saying OPEN’. This button, which somehow he had missed, he now pressed, and the barrier seemed to fade out and then was gone. The soldier inside dashed out, grabbing Tommy in a tight embrace, nearly tearing up. Before Tommy could get a word in, however, this unknown soldier dashed to the end of the room, motioning for him to follow.

      Reaching the end of the room, they turned around the corner and dashed into what seemed like a corridor, though it was narrower than the one he had been in before. This one didn’t have any doors at all, and seemed to go on forever. Luckily though, it did not. It opened up into a circular room with a small dais in the centre. The unknown soldier punched at a big red button, and nearly dragged Tommy onto the dais with him. For a few moments, Tommy had no idea whatsoever what was going on. But then the room started to change. To fade away somehow. After a few seconds, darkness enveloped them. The unknown soldier turned towards Tommy and said ‘thanks for getting me out of there, the least I can do to repay you is to get you out of there as well. ‘Tommy just stared for a few moments. This darkness didn’t seem much better than wherever he had just been. ‘How exactly is this supposed to get us….’ His words trailed off as the outline of a room started to blur into view.

      A few seconds more and he could see chairs, lamps, bookcases, and other such furniture. A few moments more and the objects bloomed into full-colour high definition view. The unknown soldier grinned at Tommy, and set himself in one of the chairs with a long sigh, motioning for Tommy to seat himself. Tommy did, and after a few moments (being a bit suspicious), he asked ‘How did you know that would work?’. The unknown soldier smiled, and replied ‘I remembered. They blank your memories from the trip, but after a few weeks you start to recall most of it. They brought me in through that room, I was just hoping they hadn’t reset the  coordinates. Seems they brought you in through another room though, I was hoping to go to your location. Oh well, what’s done is done. Welcome to my lair. You can call me Morphinus.’

      TO BE CONTINUED (finally)

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      Morphinus… That name tickled something in the back of Tommy’s head, the way a feather tickles the skin, but memory did not come. There was something familiar about him, though. The guy was about as tall as Tommy himself (being of medium height, not really tall, not really small), and had just donned a dark blue-ish top hat and black sunglasses. Flipping a switch, morphinus lit a lamp as shutters lowered in front of the windows. “I suppose you’re wondering what those people were”, he said. “You’re sure they’re people?” Tommy answered. “Well, sort of…”, Morphinus said, hesitating slightly. “There’s human in them, and there’s something not-so human in them, but you probably figured that part out already, on account of the UFO and everything.” (Tommy nodded vigorously at this) “Basically, they’re the ones who are keeping a lid on humanity. The ones who want you to just live your life the way THEY planned it, they way THEY can get a profit out of it. What you and I are doing breaks their system of control, and they don’t like it. Not one bit”. Morphinus took out a little silver box and turned it over in his hands, frowning at it slightly. After what seemed like a couple of minutes, he opened it, and took out what looked like a regular chocolate-chipped cookie. “Here”, he said, “eat this”. “Will it protect me against them?” Tommy asked. “Not at all”, Morphinus said, chuckling, “you just look like you could use a pick-me up, and there’s nothing better for that than a good ol’ mind contr… err… chocolate-chipped cookie”. Tommy hesitated for a bit, but took the cookie and ate it. It was delicious, and it did actually cheer him up quite a bit. There was still something that bothered him, though. “How do you know so much about those… whatever they are?” he asked.

      As an answer, Morphinus took a rectangular piece of paper from a drawer in the stand next to him, and folded it open. “This letter…” (flecks of tears appeared in his eyes at this point) “This letter is one I got from Doctor Steel himself. It explains what he called the Alien Illuminati. He asked me to find them, track them down, and disturb their plans to depress mankind. I don’t know if there have been any others he asked, but I do know that shortly after receiving this letter, the Doctor supposedly retired”. Morphinus tucked the letter away again, with surprising tenderness. “I don’t know if he really retired. Perhaps he had to hide. Perhaps they were on his trail. I really don’t know. But I do know that we mustn’t give up. You’ve seen them. You can help me”. Tommy gaped. A letter from the Doctor himself? A personal mission? It was mind-boggling. But nowhere near as confounding as how Morphinus expected he could help him. “How could I possibly help you? I’ve never encountered these guys before, I don’t know the first thing about them!”. Morphinus grinned. “You got me out of there. It’s thanks to you that we were able to escape. What you don’t know yet, I will teach you. It won’t be a smooth ride, but for better or for worse, my mission is now your mission as well”. Tommy felt faint. He had never expected this, had never even thought about this. Basically, he was frightened out of his wits, trembling all over and going pale. “Here” said Morphinus, handing him the silvery box, “have another one, you’ll need it.”


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    • Idea.

      Tactical Sgt. Iceroyale and Dermut should collaborate to make a comic of this story.

    • O.O that would be totally awesome!

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