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The Lights.

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The Lights.

    • private leemad

      Hi, I didn’t know where else to post this so please let me know if there is a better place. 


      A report I wrote during an insomnia night. 


      The Lights. Tech Report PLM-01-171018


      For as long as we can tell the bunker has had electric lights. We are not sure how, as some have been made out of materials carbon dated from the early 1600’s… BC! We were all a little surprised about that. Our chief technicians and scientists have puzzled for hours on end how they got power and why the older they are the more advanced they seem. Some have guessed it may be something to do with the virtual reality generators but that is only one of about thirty theories.


      The oldest recorded light we have found is deep in the bowels of the bunker. The furthest we have been willing to explore at this time is the start of a tunnel, two turns to the right on sublevel 55 if the elevator is to be trusted. There we have triggered lights that seem to be able to pick up on moods and thoughts and change colour to fit as many robots, people or hamsters around them. We found this very interesting, leaving a camera streaming to a display board in one of the community rooms. One thing we have noticed is they are never completely off and seem to act as day and night. For exact 14 hours, 21 minutes and 7 seconds a day they will be on at what we guess is about 65-70% then will dim to about 15% unless an outside influence such as an inquisitive hamster is near. 


      Private Leemad is thinking of starting a detailed investigation further into the Light Passageway as he has affectionately named it though some of the others wonder what will be at the end of this tunnel. He hope it will be something special as the light at the end of the tunnel has always been interpreted as heaven or generally a good thing but it could have a meaning we don’t know about. It may be that the bunker was the start of the idea. Unfortunately Private Leemads’ time is being spent rebuilding Lrr-96308 the lighting repair robot, as every time it has been upgraded a month or two later we discover a new type of light in the bunker and have to add the ability to repair it. Once Lrr-96308 is back up and running then hopefully the tunnel may be explored.


      Follow-up reports to be filed at a later date. 

    • Howard Mob

      when did we become the SCP organisation? 

      Cool none the less

    • private leemad

      I have been toying around with writing some sci fi for a while. I don’t really know where would be best to post things like this and a spec ops groups called write seemed the best place to post until I have been advised better. I have never heard of SCP organisation so please advise. :) 

    • Captain Dermut

      No worries, this is the perfect place to upload your writing.

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