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The Idea Repository

    • Commandant Beaker

      If your anything like me you get all kinds of wild, fun, crazy ideas of things to do with/for the army. However sometimes our personal talents keep us from achieving said idea. The Intention of this thread is to release ideas to the army. To spark imaginations. To share our creativity with each other.

    • Commandant Beaker

      I will even go first.


      Build the robot.

      Use PVC pipe to create the skeleton allowing it to be a greater height then any 3d printer can handle. Detail work can be done with Styrofoam from a craft store. With paper mache over to smooth it out. Or use a hampster ball as the head and work in some LEDs. Most of the raw materials are decently cheep. They are also relatively light so it would not be a pain to transport.

    • Lt. Sophie

      First of all, great idea!


      Not necessarily because I lack the talent, but rather because I lack the time: Critters & Creatures of the Bunker.

      Drawings and/or (3D) models of anything that crawls through the Digital Bunker. This includes the robots, the hamsters and yes, even the Hot Dog Man. One day, maybe…

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