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The Gaming MAMMOTH: Vote, vote, vote!

  • Lt. Sophie

    As of now, the old and boring Gaming Marathon will get a bit of an image makeover. From now on, it shall be known as The Gaming Mammoth!


    Well, it was known as such before, but now it is official. And like anything official, it needs a neat logo. So I decided to scribble and play around a little, and created three mockups. Now, it is your duty to decide which style you prefer.

    Note: Those are not finished logos. Base your opinion on the style you prefer, not what looks “finished”. Also, feel free to post any suggestions or opinion in here. :)

    1. polygon001


    2. polygon002


    3. sketch001

    [sp_show_poll id=”33″]

  • Captain Dermut

    I like the pose of two, it conveys strength, energy and determination, proudly trumpeting for the chosen cause. I am not sure about the dots and lines of the design though. If you had design one or three in that pose, I’d have gone with that one.

  • Lt. Sophie

    I think I could easily make a mixture or 2 and 3. Not so sure about the first one though, but I would have to try what I can do with it.

    Thanks for your suggestion though. :)

  • Trigo

    I like 3.


    The pose of 2 is nice too

  • The DoctorDoth'Rah

    Deffo 3. That mammoth looks majestic af

    The pose from 2 is nice aswell


    So I’d say either 3, or 2 done in the style of 3

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