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The Epic Cook-Off Poll

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The Epic Cook-Off Poll

    • Silent Addle

      Ladies and Gentlemen

      Welcome to the first, the only, the “I don’t think anyone else here has done this yet” COOK-OFF

      The rules are simple, two users have sent me pictures and descriptions of bento-style lunches they prepared within the last week, I am sharing these with you now so that you might see the deliciousness trapped within these digital pictures.

      Your job, dear reader is to observe and imagine yourself tucking into each succulent morsel, you need to decide which of the two entries you would rather nom on and then cast a vote, my god the vote you cast is the greatest vote ever!

      Are you in? You better be in, cause it’s almost time to d-d-d-d-duel!


      The two entries are to be anonymous in an effort to curb any potential meta-gaming, so if you know who made what keep that information to yourself and vote with your tastebuds and not with your other things.


      Entry One

      Iceberg lettuce lining

      Long grain rice triangles wrapped in nori

      Fried beef strips (aka, hamburger sliced up)

      Mixed vegetables in a cupcake holder

      Sliced carrots, and fruity flapjack squares

      IBjN0ec.jpg corkTAR.jpg Vl3RNCO.jpg


      Entry Two

      Chinese Cabbage Lining

      Zucchini salad with chilies and orange-peanut dressing

      Sweet potato fried with agave

      Boiled egg stuffed with tuna-pesto-cream

      Large onigiri stuffed with tuna-pesto-cream and wrapped in nori

      Small onigiri with peas

      Onigiri balls wrapped in smoked salmon



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