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The Armory – TSU Store Upgrade

  • Sgt. Dutch

    Comrades, we’ve been tinkering once more.

    The TSU Store has been upgraded to be housed on it’s own site. Hence forth it shall be known asĀ The Armory for all of your requisitions.

    It’s a significant step up from what we’ve been previously using, especially since it will tell you what we have in stock, what’s running low, and what the Robots have run away with.

    One further change is the shipping costs. A while back you may remember I asked what peoples preference was, a flat rate, increase the prices of requisitions, or actual postage costs. After much reviewing I’ve decided to go with actual postage costs based on weight, and are set by Royal Mail.

    But as an added bonus, there are now multiple currencies, so we’re no longer restricted by the US Dollar.

    There are probably some bugs still in the system, so if you spot something that might be wrong, let me know.

    Sergeant Dutch

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