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The Annual Gaming Marathon: Mission Sponsorship

  • Lt. Sophie

    Hello fellow soldiers!

    We were pretty amazed by this year’s success of the Gaming Marathon. Thanks to your help, we donated a whole bunch to Alzheimer’s Society for research and care.

    But we decided not to rest, we can do better. To make next year’s marathon an even bigger success, we wanted to reach out to other people and companies. Our plan is to get companies such as Game Developers to support us with donations of any kind, and to make our event and purpose public with the help of popular faces.

    So, what I am asking you is to give me names of Youtubers, Streamers or Bloggers you enjoy, or companies that create happiness in your life, be it with toys or games (or maybe something else). We would of course enjoy to have Indie Developers on board, too.


    Thanks for your attention, I am looking forward to your responses. :)

  • techiefIve

    I stream a lot of SpeedRunners because it’s a blast to play. We might be able to get in touch with Tiny Build and see if they’re willing to sponsor or promote the event.

    I also suggest contacting the following twitch streamers to see about getting them involved in some way:
    Sky_Breather The_Stressless Capnsanity philiprich42 Head_CrabTV i_am_mr_dilligaf amdisius kathleenmms pmassarma actualbrago dillydallie vgbandit alexk_0 and cerberusarms

    Most of those streamers are up and coming, but a few of them have solid fan bases already in place. Obviously I can’t guarantee anything, but I suspect at least a couple of them would be willing to help in some way.

    I will, of course, be taking part and streaming as well.

  • Lt. Sophie

    First of all, thanks for your suggestions. I will note them down and get in touch with them. I really appreciate that! 

    We will create a template letter to send out to any streamers/YT’ers/bloggers, if you know any of these people more or less personally I may want to get back to you to send those to them. 


    Thank you! mrgreen

  • Scouter715

    I will see what I can do as well and talk to some of the streamers I know and see if they are on board. 


    And as techiefive said I will be taking part and streaming as well :)

  • The DoctorDoth'Rah

    As far as YTers go:

    Comicstorian/Comicstorian TV/The List Bomb/Eligible Monster – On the Eligible Monster channel they do gameplay vids as well as their complete stories series for various game series including MGS, Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock. On their other channels they do more comic book/TV related stuff

    Emergency Awesome – Does lots of videos about geeky tv shows/movies/games/etc. He also has lots of connections as he’s always giving away free stuff every week. He also has a gaming channel where he posts gameplay vids, etc but I can’t remember the name 

    Tobuscus/TobyGames – Various shows as well as lots of let’s play’s on the games channel


    I’ll also have a better handle of streaming by then too so will strema myself

  • Lt. Sophie

    Thanks for your responses. The list is already so long… mrgreen You guys are great!

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