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The 2015 Toymas Card Exchange!!

  • Commander JET

    Happy Upcoming Holidays Soldiers!

    It’s that time of year again where we gather together addresses and send out fun, joyful, happy cards to each other!

    Everyone is encouraged to participate! It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate, this is just a great/inexpensive excuse to bring a fellow soldier holiday cheer! So please consider joining in on this fun yearly event!

    You can make cards, buy cards, include stickers or homemade things that will fit in an’s up to you! Be creative!

    Here is all you have to do:

    Send me a message and include:

    *Title “Card Exchange” to: [email protected]

    *Real and Toy Solider name (real name so the mail will get to you, soldier name so we know who you really are :)

    *Email you want the list to go to. (Or it will just be sent to the one you send in from)

    *Address including Country by Friday, December 11th.



    I will compile a list together and send it to you on  Sunday, December 13th.

    You can send cards to one or as many soldiers as you like, it’s up to you!

    Post here with any questions/comments. laugh


    I’m happy to participate. Sending my details in now.

    Just as an FYI, most things posted from where I am will probably be late. An Post’s last posting date to the UK is the December 18th (that’s fine), the US is 11th, and the rest of the world is the 7th.

  • Of course I’m in for another card exchange :) 

    Time to find some ideas for this year Toymas card design :D

  • Commander JET

    Awesome! We got 13 people signed up so far! bliss_gif

  • That’s me thrown my name in the strengthened cranial protection module.

  • Missus Tea

    I’m in too! Will email you my stuff as soon as I’m done stuffing face with supperlaugh

  • Commander JET

    Thank you all for adding your info to the Holiday card exchange list! 296

    for those of you who have not yet…..












    eek….what are you waiting for?

  • N3RF-0us
  • Commander JET

    The list has been sent! Thanks for participating everyone! :) *salutes*

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