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Team Starkid, Anyone?

  • Private A. Gryphon

    Anyone other than me follow these guys? A Very Potter Senior Year came out on youtube friday after its Leakycon debuet last year, so i’m in the mood to talk about it.

    For those of you that don’t know, Team Starkid is a group that produces and performs original and parody musicals aimed at a mature audience. They have 6 current full-scale productions- 4 Parodies (3 for Harry Potter, 1 of Batman) and 2 Original Productions Their youtube is here:

    Anyways, what did people think about A Very Potter Senior Year? What’s your favorite production?
    I’m a sucker for this new one. “Always Dance” is MAGNIFICENT.

  • Red Eye Tony

    Aw man. I didn’t know another one was out! *prepares to lose the rest of his evening.*

    I’ve always liked the Death Eater Chorus line in the original the best, although Draco Malfoy is probably my favorite character.

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