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***Tea Duelling League***

    • Pvt Morglum

      what ho!

      Greetings everyone to the beginning of something special.

      Tea Duelling!

      I want to start a Toy Soldier League of Tea Duellists. This can be something we can all get into at invasions and events. It is only for the very brave, the very gentle and the very thirsty.

      if you have never heard of tea duelling (where have you been?!) or have forgotton the rules (too much tea young man!) please see the bottom of this page for all the details.

      the first event that will hold a “tiffin party” will be the MCM May London expo.

      so far the Soldiers gallantly taking part are

      – Pvt Morglum
      – CBM
      – JDUK
      – Dearest Maximillian George Fredrick Sharp
      – Sniper
      – Commissar Bear

      anyone else attending this invasion is warming welcomed to take part as well. tea must be provided by the contestant, but i should be able to supply the biscuits. How can one say no?

      a leaderboard will be set up shortly after showing how the competition played out and will be undated when new events happen and new contestants join.

      oh what fun!

      So get practising everyone, for later, it gets serious! hehe

      Articles of the Honourable Association of Tea Duellists

      Third Edition 1899

      Article 1.1: A duel as constituted under the auspices of the International Association of Tea Duelling shall be known as a

    • Lieutenant JDUK

      oh my this has been taken to a new level, I’m off to boil the kettle :-D

    • Dearest Maximilian

      I shall not only be taking part but filming this pile of awesome!

    • Pvt Morglum

      practising is a good idea the JD!

      and im glad someone will be recording the splendor of the event! good show old fruity!

    • Pvt Morglum

      so we have some results for the tea duelling league. only 3 duels took part over the may expo weekend, due to it being so all time consuming and hot enough to melt yourself, tea wasnt in great demand. but here are the results from the weekends duels!

      Duellist 1 Duellist 2 winner nom splash splatter splodge
      JDUK Pvt Morglum JDUK X
      Pvt Morglum CBM CBM X

      So the league table looks like this….

      Duellist Times Duelled Wins nom splash splatter splodge
      JDUK 2 2 2
      CBM 2 1 1
      Pvt Morglum 2 0 0

      cant wait for more duels and duellists to take part. this has been DOTD ( duel of the day hehe ) signing off.

    • Geoff Nicholson

      Doctor Geof (no relation) has released a Tea Dueling badge/patch!

    • Brigadier Davis

      I know, ive bought one :p

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