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[Take Over The] Earth Day

    • Doktor Konundrum

      Greetings Primates,

      It is I, Doktor Konundrum, wishing you humans a happy [Take Over The]  “Earth Day – a day of celebrating the natural resources of our planet, such as bananas and plutonium, in an effort to slow their inevitable harvest for the advancement of evil science.

      To this I say, bravo mankind! Why not stop and smell the roses? Why destroy the world in one cataclysmic doomsday event (such as detonating the megaton-bana-nuclear warhead in my laboratory)? Why not, instead, halt the continuous decay of our cosmic sphere long enough for us to all have fun until the universe collapses in on itself and recycles us all into the next Big Bang?

      So march forth Toy Soldiers and Humans and Robots of all shapes and sizes and dangerous experimental power sources. Celebrate your conscious efforts to preserve the globe with good, clean, environmentally-friendly fun. Engage your mind control rays to force you fellow homo sapiens to follow suit, and have an over-priced non-GMO organic banana in honor of mother nature. 


      Once the celebration is over, GET BACK TO WORK! The world won’t dominate itself!

    • Keptin Alwinn

      You Doctor Chimp are a champ. 

    • The DoctorDoth'Rah

      Did anybody use the What animal are you? Google doodle?


      Apparently I’m a Komodo Dragon xD

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