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T.S.O.S.D. Mission: Infiltrate ESA / ESTEC Headquarters...

Kromina Sofya Art

Home Forums Special Operations Divisions TSOSD T.S.O.S.D. Mission: Infiltrate ESA / ESTEC Headquarters October 4th 2015

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T.S.O.S.D. Mission: Infiltrate ESA / ESTEC Headquarters October 4th 2015

    • ESTEC, the facility where a lot of the ESA hardware is developed is opening it’s doors to the public on October 4th! An awesome opportunity for the T.S.O.S.D. to investigate these facilities!

      This is the place where they developed and tested the Rosetta probe and Philae comet lander among many other satellites and parts.

      Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers is one of the guests among with many space experts, talks will be held and you can get up close with actual space projects.



    • You know what, I’d really like to go to this. 


      IF I get this new job, and IF I have the cash to spare to get over to you AND attend October MCM (which is more likely if I do get the new job) , I will do it :D

    • That would be awesome :D

    • Update!

      If you want to attend, please register at the following link as soon as you can can! Visitors are limited!!!

    • Scouter715

      If it was not in Europe yes.

    • Well, a lone Toy Soldier infiltration it turned out to be, but it was awesome!
      Report and pics to follow…

    • Long awaited report, more here:

      TSOSD Invasion of ESTEC

      On the 4th of October, Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo attended the ESA ESTEC open day at Noordwijk, The Netherlands. After waking up early on the misty Sunday morning, Gonzo set out towards the train station for a visit to the ESA ESTEC headquarters located in the Netherlands. In this facility most ESA spaceships, robots, probes and satellites are developed and tested before heading to space. The Rosetta spacecraft and lander were both extensively tested here before making a rendezvous with Comet 67P and landing on it in 2014.
      After an hour and a half by train and bus, Gonzo arrived at the facility. It was very crowded. Dutch Astronaut Andre Kuipers was about to give a lecture in the main conference hall and unfortunately Gonzo was unable to make it to that lecture. A few hours later would be Matt “Rockstar-scientist” Taylor’s lecture on the Rosetta mission, Gonzo wasn’t going to miss that! In the meantime it was time to browse around the many stands explaining missions and handing out informational posters, flyers, booklets and stickers. -SO MANY STICKERS!-

      There was a big scale model of the Rosetta probe with lander, and in the center of a small hall was a model of comet 67P Churyumov–Gerasimenko. In that same hall stood the Rosetta mission booth, handing out DIY papercraft Rosetta + Philae, posters, folders and even fake tattoo’s. Gonzo had a small chat with Matt Taylor and got a picture with the man. After handing him a TSU business card, Gonzo went on his way to look around for another half hour before heading to the conference hall where Matt’s lecture would take place.

      After the doors opened, Gonzo found a good spot to sit on the third row, right behind one of ESA’s astronaut reserved seat. The lecture was awesome, not only did Matt Taylor explain the mission findings in a way that was very easy to understand, he was also funny as hell. Cracking joke after joke, “What does this comet smell off? Well, the worst fart you’ve ever smelled would probably not come close.” He had slides to compare the size of the comet to the Death Star from Star Wars and a Borg Cube from Star Trek. He went on to explain the future of Rosetta, the mission has been extended to September 2016 when the Rosetta probe will also make a crash-landing on Comet 67P.
      Before Gonzo realised it, the lecture was over. Afterwards there was time for some Q&A and signing of posters or other materials. One person even brought their Rosetta plushie!

      After visiting most of the complex and taking some more folder and information, it was nearly closing time. Gonzo and his dad went back to the car after a great informative day, with bags full of loot.

      Later in October when Gonzo was visiting London for MCM Comic Con, he extended his stay to visit another one of Matt Taylor’s lectures. This one hosted by New Scientist, also featured the scientist who made the “sniff-and-taste-apparatus.” Again, comet 67P smells and tastes horrible. Do not try to eat.

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