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Streamer’s List

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Streamer’s List

    • Lt. Sophie

      We have a Steam list and group. But I am surprised we don’t have a list of streamers. So, who of you streams, on Twitch or elsewhere?

      It doesn’t really matter if it’s gaming only, or you do other things such as programming, crafting, music, or whatever. I am interested in all of them. :D

    • Silent Addle

      Since no one else has started, I shall.

      Hello, I’m SilentAddle, I stream via Twitch usually Mondays and Wesnesdays but my routine has been bugged lately.

      My general content is Gaming, but I have done some creative in the past.

      Currently playing through Batman: Arkham City with the occasional Rocksmith.

      I can be found via:

    • Eldest_Wraith

      Hey, I used to stream intermittently years ago, but stopped.

      I’m thinking about starting up streaming again.

      I would be streaming gameplay.

      I can be found at:

    • Whilst current job and the responsibilities of being a family man mean any streaming I do is few and far between, when I decide to crank up Battletoads, I do so here:


      Beware! There is much gameplay, relatively sparse dialogue and I have to watch the chat on my phone as I play, which is…. awkward.

    • Lt. Sophie

      Ha, thanks for your responses. I just realised, I forgot to put myself on the list. So, this is me:

      I stream every Thursday evening (European time, obviously), and some other days depending on how busy I am. Currently, I am playing through the Mass Effect series, occasionally enjoying Starbound and randomly arting in between. I work a lot on Gaming Mammoth/TSU related stuff, but also fan arts and other projects/commissions.

      I also started a gamedev stream, but due to time issues this is on halt right now.

      Clicky Clicky to watch me

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