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Stories from the chatroom

    • Engineer Airhead

      I have been wanting to make this topic for a while now.

      A lot of things happen in de live chat that many will never see.
      Let’s end that!

      Here’s a little something that happend today

      [17:11] * Trigo extra huggles LtSophie
      [17:12] Aww ^^
      [17:12] * LtSophie cuddles Trigo
      [17:12] * imaweirdo joins in the cuddles
      [17:12] * EngineerAirhead walks away
      [17:13] * LtSophie cuddles Airhad
      [17:13] * Quits: LtSophie
      [17:13] * Joins: LtSophie
      What the heck
      [17:14] One does not simply cuddle me xD

    • [22:23]
      [22:24] Aww
      [22:29] its a trap!
      [22:29] * TS_Gonzo throws a net over imaweirdo and Prof_Magnus

    • : CptCog, you suck at interrogating newpersons

      : BTW

      : I’m good at absorbing them

      : >.>

      : <.<

      : BY THE WORD!

      : oh dear

      drmalice unstraps himself and ties Cptcog up in same chair.

      : My Turn!

      : I see a good future for this one, unstrapping himself and stuff

      : Oh, by the way………

      : MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

      : Forgot that earlier.

      : haha yes! 

    • imaweirdo still kinda wants a bass…

      drmalice gives imaweirdo a brand new bass

      : Yay!

      imaweirdo horribly tries to play a primus song

      : May the spirit of all the bass players that have come before you carry your soul through to the afterlife.

      : indeed

      drmalice shoots imaweirdo in the head, takes back bass.

      : as a bass player I can only agree

      Minutes Later:

      : O.o

      TS_Gonzo hands drmalice some more mind control cookies

      : imaweirdo……..really?

      : What?

      drmalice shoots imaweirdo again as he eats more mind control cookies

      : mmmmm……chocolate chip?

    • Cap'n C. Worthy

      : I’m trying to find my tablet pen. No such luck

      CapnCWorthy holds up a handful of crayons

      : Do these count?

      : OMG I FOUND IT

      : Yay!!!!

      : I had stowed it away with a bunch of random mtg stuff, for some reason

      CapnCWorthy throws crayons in the air in excitement

      CptCog can draw digitally again now

      CptCog is excite

      DrMalice dreams of being drawn like one of his french girls……

      CapnCWorthy picks up crayons

      : Don’t worry I got this

      : hahah!

      : yes!


      : That’s fantastic

      : I love RA

      : Yes, it is!

      Sari munches on food and reads logs

      : What I miss now?

      : NOTHING


      : Liar

      : Lots of motivation 

      : Nerds

      : >

      : I found my pen

      : P:

      : I got stuck talking to a customer 

      : yeah, what abouts?

      : Now my food is partly cold. 

      : Oh well

      : Oh um long flights and Asian culture 

      : I see


      : Pfft 

      : You made a friend

      : He took all the scandalous pictures with him!

      : Goodness.

      : It’s a cptn party it seems

      : We’ll just have to draw more

      : heck yeah

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Need to pick up some chicken and rice.
      And this time remember to add some frigging salt to the rice.
      I need my weekend… I just read that as children and rice…
      There’s been a lot of pedovore going on in here lately.
      Nothing goes better with shredded children than egg fried rice.
      At least I’m not as bad as Sari’s phone, which will only eat german children.
      «— EngineerAirhead ([email protected]) has Quit (Quit: done… DONE!!!)

    • [21:56] * Deliball rolls in space
      [21:56] Heellllpppp!
      [21:56] I can’t roll like this
      [21:56] no you can only orbit like that
      [21:57] * Sari grabs backpack and gets ready to adventure
      [21:57] –> Dragongirl ([email protected]) has joined this channel.
      [21:57] Please turn on the gravity
      [21:57] whats happening?
      [21:57] Where are my goggles…no…my glasses.
      [21:58] * Sari cannot find glasses
      [21:58] deliball is in space
      [21:58] will someone tell me is going on!?!
      [21:58] glasses are on your head?
      [21:58] I would if I could
      [21:59] * imaweirdo swiches on the emergency gravity
      [21:59] why.. where are we?
      [21:59] I’m just trying to help Deliball
      [21:59] I’m in space, I’m in space
      [22:00] Spaaaaaaaceeeeeee
      [22:00] I HAVE SO MANY QUESTION!! What is going on?
      [22:00] all we know is that deliball is suddenly in space and shouting for help
      [22:01] ok.. how can I help?
      [22:01] Dad I’m space
      [22:01] I know son
      [22:01] * Dragongirl fixes her tophat
      [22:02] it’s seems I have walked into quite a problem!
      [22:02] * Deliball sees the earth and tries to rolll towards it
      [22:03] I don’t even know anymore
      [22:03] Sometimes… I am so done with you people…
      [22:03] o.O
      [22:04] * Dragongirl is confused to hell and scratches her head
      [22:04] blargh
      [22:05] * Deliball breaks through the ozone layer
      [22:05] ooh look mommy! a shooting star!
      [22:05] Airhead can you shed some light on what the hell is going on?
      [22:05] Well darn
      [22:05] Yay! I’m a shooting star!
      [22:06] Dragongirl, trying to find out myself…
      [22:06] and I thought I was mad
      [22:06] *Gets umbrella and hides in basement*
      [22:06] * Deliball sees the earth coming closer an closer.
      [22:07] how is Deliball still alive?
      [22:07] she’s a ball
      [22:07] balls can’t die
      [22:07] Eeh do I have a brake or somethin?
      [22:07] oh, well that make complete sence
      [22:07] You have willpower
      [22:07] * Deliball believes she can slow down
      [22:08] maybe steer towards some soft landing area?
      [22:08] It’s not very effective
      [22:08] wait! I know
      [22:08] * TS_Gonzo puts the inflatable castle up on the roof
      [22:08] What! Tell me?
      [22:08] there soft landing
      [22:09] i hope this works
      [22:09] * Dragongirl looks up
      [22:09] at these speeds? probably not
      [22:09] * TS_Gonzo fetches binoculairs
      [22:09] That’s never gonna work
      [22:09] Heeeeeelllllpppp!
      [22:10] hmmm
      [22:10] * EngineerAirhead prepares the lazors
      [22:10] Oi!
      [22:10] Airhead, this is no time for lazer eye surgery
      [22:11] * Dragongirl quickly runs away and hide behind a bush
      [22:11] We don’t have time to drill a hole in her and drop a nuke in it…
      [22:12] there is still a tiny chance my inflatable bouncy castle works
      [22:12] well, I can’t help .. good luck
      [22:12] I added some balloons to the bounce house, will that help?
      [22:12] Deadpooling this than?
      [22:13] go ahead man, I’m all out of ideas
      [22:13] I’ll try to crash into the sea
      [22:13] Lets just push the planet somewhere else?
      [22:13] DON’T SHOOT ME!
      [22:13] I was refering to the bounce house xD
      [22:14] fine I” deal with this
      [22:14] * TS_Gonzo bounces about in the bouncy castle
      [22:14] weeeeeeeee
      [22:14] what?
      [22:14] *pulls out video camera to film Deliball fall*
      [22:14] * Dragongirl grabs a leaf blower and attaches it to the bouncy castle
      [22:14] AFV, here I come
      [22:15] Look mommy, I’m on tv
      [22:15] this is my special leaf blower it is ten time stronger that a normal leaf blower
      [22:15] * imaweirdo sets a ballpit next to the bouncy castle
      [22:16] I will most likely lose to a video of someone tripping over their own feet, but oh well
      [22:16] * Dragongirl turns on the leaf blower, a large noise is heard from the machine and the bouncy castle start to get bigger.
      [22:16] you got her whole family to watch? you sadistic weirdo
      [22:16] xD
      [22:17] I don’t mean to be a sadist it just happens
      [22:18] I can’t change my position! Heeeeelllp!
      [22:18] she’s coming right at us!
      [22:18] * Deliball sees the buncker becoming bigger in seconds
      [22:18] aim for the bouncy castle!!!
      [22:18] here come Deliball. Everyone perpare yourselfs!
      [22:18] Tell my mom I love her
      [22:19] I hope this works
      [22:19] * imaweirdo takes cover in a box
      [22:19] dammit weirdo stop being snake!
      [22:20] I need your help!
      [22:20] But I like boxes
      [22:20] just help me!
      [22:20] Ok
      [22:21] i’m about to turn the leaf blower on to max so make sure I don’t fall over
      [22:21] *starts digging shallow grave*
      [22:21] Here I come!!!
      [22:22] Okie dokie
      [22:22] * Dragongirl flicks the the switch
      [22:22] * TS_Gonzo watches with interest at this scientific marvel
      [22:22] * Deliball turns into a feather before hitting the bouncy castle
      [22:22] O.o
      [22:22] I WILL SURVIVE THIS!!!
      [22:22] Haha :p
      [22:22] Fools
      [22:22] it won’t turn off!!
      [22:22] NOOOO! The LENS cap was on :(
      [22:23] you’ll blow her away again!
      [22:23] I’d say something but…no
      [22:23] ah damnit, why does that always happen, damned lens cap
      [22:23] To the city!!
      [22:23] * Dragongirl furiously shake the leaf blower trying to turn it off
      [22:23] HELP ME!
      [22:23] * TS_Gonzo pulls the plug from the socket
      [22:24] * Deliball turns into a ball again
      [22:24] * Dragongirl flys into the air with the left blower
      [22:24] * Deliball softlly lands into the castle
      [22:24] yaay
      [22:24] * Dragongirl lands 20 ft from where she was standing
      [22:25] Dragongirl, could I borrow that leaf blower some time, for T.S.O.S.D. research purposes?
      [22:26] * Dragongirl look at Gonzo as she is lying on the grow.
      [22:26] ok
      [22:26] now help me up
      [22:26] yaay
      [22:26] * TS_Gonzo helps Dragongirl up
      [22:27] I won’t die that easly :p

    • Engineer Airhead

      Please note… I skipped out some parts to keep it clear!

      [22:21] did you know theres a vacancy to be the mailman at Antarctica?
      [22:22] I did, Gonzo. I’d apply but for one issue. NO INTERNET
      [22:22] hrm
      [22:22] satellite internet
      [22:23] 30 minute ping time? I think not.
      [22:23] And I might as well be on dial up. Which means I might as well just get hard drives posted to me.
      [22:24] That’s okay… I’ll ship you the TSU plugin updates file by file
      [22:24] ON FLOPPY!
      [22:25] How many floppies is that, Airhead?
      [22:26] Depends on the amount of updates now… Doesn’t it?
      [22:29] LtSophie1, let me get back to you on that one… Have to create the backup first xD
      [22:30] lol
      [22:34] Okay… So while the backup is running… I’ve done some math
      [22:34] Including the steel archives… TSU is now running on 6.32GB
      [22:34] or 6471.68MB
      [22:34] 6.32 GB of disk space?
      [22:35] Which, at 1.44MB a floppy disk, results in 4495 floppy disks
      [22:35] That’s a lot of floppies.
      [22:37] I just realized that my backup server is almost 90% full.
      [22:38] and at 17 grams a floppy… That would make 76.415 Kg of data…
      [22:39] roughly the weight of the average Australian
      [22:39] “The more you know!”

    • Sergeant Dutch’s understanding of evolution and biology apparently hit the drain.

      [12:00] It’d be funny if the easter eggs broke open with instead of bunny’s, YOSHI’S.
      [12:00] Indeed.
      [12:00] Terrible, hungry, devouring, velociraptor YOSHI’S.
      [12:01] Wait. Why did I say bunnies?
      [12:01] Wow. Easter has really effed over my sense of evolution.
      [12:02] I see egg, I think “that’s where rabbits come from.”

    • Sgt. Dutch
    • Sgt. Dutch

      »» imaweirdo pushes witty into Freddy Fazbear’s pizza and locks the door
      «— wittyUsernameHere ([email protected]) has Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
      holy **** that actually worked

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Now he’s just calling me names and being mean
      no im not
      Telling me to shut up
      yes your lies
      How dare
      (/ 0 0)/
      (0 0 )
      »» ~SergeantDutch gets the Toy Soldier Army Protocol book out and stands between Sari and TS_Gonzo
      I now pronounce you man and wife.
      »» puts Dutch in the Atlantic
      »» SergeantDutch has changed the topic to: Welcome to TSU Chat! Please read chat rules: If you have questions please ask anyone and wait more than 30 seconds for a response. ++++++ CONGRATULATIONS SARI AND GONZO! You argue like a married couple! ++++++

    • [01:48] the blue raspberry airhead that I was sucking on
      [01:48] oh.
      [01:49] ewww sucking on Airhead?
      [01:49] you ball it up, and slurp it
      [01:49] lasts longer
      [01:49] …
      [01:49] I taste magically delicious!

    • [01:05] Giving the users what they want.
      [01:05] Good and hard.

      Context? NAAAAHHHH!!!!!

    • [23:21] dammit.. I messed up the hair and I had to wash it out
      [23:22] you can wash out hair? NO WONDER IT’S ALL GONE
      [23:22] lol.. no .. It’s the bloody gel.. I cant get it right >:C
      [23:23] aah. trying to spike it?
      [23:23] * Engineer_RAD rages through the places like a baby T-rex
      [23:25] * TS_Gonzo gives the baby T-rex a snickers
      [23:26] <– Engineer_RAD ([email protected]) has left this server (Quit: – A hand crafted IRC client).
      [23:26] –> Engineer_RAD ([email protected]) has joined this channel.
      [23:26] apparently, if you give a snickers to a T-Rex, they reboot
      [23:27] seems so
      [23:28] ahh I give up.. Ill try again tomorrow
      [23:29] :D
      [23:29] it actually worked
      [23:29] the commercials tell the truth
      [23:29] O_O

    • Korporal Kopper

      FOSSL-ization (skipped a few bits):

      11:31:22 PM
      I used to loooove playing this on my old Tandy!

      11:32:14 PM
      Never even heard of it

      11:33:38 PM
      What the game, or a Tandy?

      11:35:24 PM
      Man…my FOSSL powers are totally workin’ tonight.

      11:35:54 PM
      I still need a taco though. :(

      11:37:23 PM* DrMalice hands Kpl-Kopper a taco as payment for getting him back in touch with his childhood.

      11:37:39 PM
      You know there was a sequel, right?

      11:37:41 PM

      11:37:50 PM* Kpl-Kopper noms digi-taco.

      11:38:01 PM
      3 in the series if I’m not mistaken.

      11:38:23 PM
      Yep, I played, and defeated, the first two.

      11:38:37 PM
      When they first came out, I might add.

      11:40:01 PM
      Games were tough back then.

      11:40:38 PM
      Yeah. I kinda wish that someone would make a game where you actually had to watch your life count for once.

      11:40:41 PM
      And we had to walk 2 miles to and from school in knee-deep snow, up hill both ways.

      11:43:29 PM
      Back in my day we only had 151 Pokemon, Zelda and Sheik were the same character on Smash Bros., and there was such a thing as collecting extra lives…….damn kids walking all over my virtual lawn…..GET OFF MY LAWN, you damn Sims……..

      11:43:51 PM
      adorable old people

      11:44:12 PM

      11:44:48 PM
      According to Sophie I’m adorable…or whatever she said this morning.

      11:45:27 PM
      Annoying little youngsters, with your iPoots, and your Eminem’s Candies, and your……your…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      11:45:29 PM
      You know they say the eyes are the second thing to go.

      11:45:53 PM

      11:46:49 PM* DrMalice ‘s teeth fall out

      11:47:38 PM

      11:47:47 PM* DrMalice ‘d teeth chatter across the floor and into the next room where they jump up into their glass.

      11:48:22 PM
      I can’t remember what the first thing to go is though…

      11:48:37 PM

      11:48:40 PM
      short term memory

      11:49:01 PM
      But you really wanna know the first thing to go?

      11:49:09 PM
      short term memory

      11:49:40 PMⓘ DrMalice is now known as OldManMalice

      11:49:42 PM
      Is it time for my pills and tapioca?

      11:49:59 PM

      11:50:02 PMⓘ Kpl-Kopper is now known as Krusty-ol-Kopper

      11:50:16 PM

      11:50:24 PM
      And, no. I’m not taking my pills today.

      11:50:36 PM

      11:51:00 PM
      Fine then…more cialis for me.

      11:51:01 PM

      11:51:07 PM
      not even the little blue one?

      11:51:13 PM* Sari wonders what default gender to choose on the game

      11:51:14 PM

      11:51:40 PM
      All I need is Tapioca Pudding.

      11:52:55 PM
      What?! Tapioca?!… mmmm…yes please.

      11:53:04 PM
      Is it time for my pills and tapioca?

      11:53:40 PM
      No, you get the pills, I get the tapioca. I thought we already went over this.

      11:54:02 PM
      We did?

      11:54:12 PM
      Well…you know what they say…

      11:54:19 PM
      The eyes are the second thing to go.

      11:54:21 PM

      11:54:30 PM
      But you really wanna know the first thing to go?

      11:54:52 PM
      Tapioca Pudding.

      11:55:17 PM
      What?! Tapioca?!…mmmm…yes please.

      11:55:24 PM
      Is it time for my pills and tapioca?

      11:55:30 PM

      11:55:39 PM
      All I need is Tapioca Pudding.

      11:56:33 PM
      And, no. I’m not taking my pills today.

      11:56:43 PM
      I leave for 5 minutes and everyone’s all old

      11:57:15 PM
      Join us, Cappy…..Join us……Tapioca……

      11:57:38 PM
      No no no you old fool…that one’s not ripe yet.

      11:58:05 PM
      Oh. Ok, He gets the Butterscotch then.

      11:58:24 PM
      Would you like a nice hard candy Cappy?

      11:58:49 PM
      Have some candy, Cappy?

      11:59:22 PM
      But..but I already have food, that’s where I went

      12:00:16 AM* OldManMalice creepily smooshes butterscotch candies into TS_Cappy’s face. It lands on the floor, in his food, on his laptop, everywhere, but in his mouth, making a mess.

      11:58:49 PM
      Have some candy, Cappy?

      11:59:22 PM
      But..but I already have food, that’s where I went

      12:00:16 AM* OldManMalice creepily smooshes butterscotch candies into TS_Cappy’s face. It lands on the floor, in his food, on his laptop, everywhere, but in his mouth, making a mess.

      12:01:01 AM
      This is almost sickening

      12:01:07 AM

      12:01:32 AM* Ravaunet looks in here….goes back to skype

      12:01:47 AM
      It’s the thing dreams are made of, isn’t it?

      12:02:25 AM* TS_Cappy mixes it all together

      12:02:34 AM
      Eh, whatever. Food is food

      12:03:31 AM

      At least take the wrappers off before you take a bite. That’s just…..human

      12:03:43 AMⓘ OldManMalice is now known as DrMalice

      12:03:55 AM
      the chat has old people smell now

      12:03:59 AM
      it will never leave

      12:04:22 AM* DrMalice sprays Febreeze

    • Kpl-Kopper: Dammit…why isn’t there a button on my keyboard that summons snacks?


      DrMalice: Because I stole it when you signed out……>:-)


      Kpl-Kopper: Can’t trust a man that trades his pills for extra tapioca


      TS_Cappy: Oh no


      DrMalice: Oh……don’t get me started on tapioca…….


      TS_Cappy: Not this again


      TS_Cappy: Please…


      DrMalice: mmmmmmm………tapioca……..


      Kpl-Kopper: Downside to hangin’ with the geezers Cappy.


      TS_Cappy: Cthulhu give me strength


      ⓘ DrMalice is now known as OldManMalice


      OldManMalice: You know what, take a seat Cappy. I wanna tell you a story.


      TS_Cappy: Go on, I’m already sitting


      OldManMalice: When I was your age there were only 8 Pokemon Badges. And you didn’t have to work all the way through the game to get them either! No, there were these things that we used to call GameSharks…..or were they Genies?


      OldManMalice: Anyways….


      OldManMalice: We just cheated our way to the Elite Four!


      OldManMalice: And that’s what the people of the land of Hyrule are doing to Link…..cheating him out of love!


      OldManMalice: It’s not his fault that he’s in love with both Zelda and Sheik! But the heart wants to do what the heart wants to do.


      TS_Cappy: Alright, I’m not THAT young


      Kpl-Kopper: Split into four pieces and revitalize his energy when collected and put back together?


      OldManMalice: So now he scours the countryside looking for empty heart vessels to fill up in a pond with delicious water that can

      be given to wild horses and that’ll tame the pixelated beast.


      OldManMalice: Minecraft is a hell of a game, isn’t it?


      OldManMalice: But you wanna know the first Minecraft?


      OldManMalice: DigDug!


      TS_Cappy: Yeah kinda I suppose


      OldManMalice: Man did that little guy blow up some bad guys! And all with that little bicycle pump!


      * OldManMalice takes a long sip of his iced tea, while rocking in his rocking chair.


      * Kpl-Kopper watches completely amused, but half awake


      OldManMalice: Times….they sure are a changing…..


      OldManMalice:Why I remember when a flower was a weapon!


      OldManMalice: When a mouse could out run a cat cop and get away with it.


      OldManMalice: Russian building blocks aren’t gonna get on the moon, they said!


      TS_Cappy: So there’s fireworks happening outside now


      OldManMalice: I remember the fireworks on Super Mario Land…..


      Kpl-Kopper: heh heh.


      OldManMalice: You had to get either an even number or land on a 0 to get it.


      OldManMalice: Downhill Skiing!


      OldManMalice: Now, THAT was a game!


      OldManMalice: You get to a certain point and the Abominable Snowman would run after you and eat you up!


      TS_Cappy: The one with the yeti?!


      TS_Cappy: Aw yea


      OldManMalice: People say that to this day, no one has gotten to the bottom of that hill!


      Kpl-Kopper: must sleep


      * OldManMalice starts to go into a Jud Crandle (from Pet Semetary) voice (Yah Don’t wanna go dahn that Rahd)


      * Kpl-Kopper melts into a puddle and oozes out through one of the drains….gurggling “good bye” as he squishes down the pipes.


      OldManMalice: Well…..


      * TS_Cappy waves goodbye


      OldManMalice: would you look at that


      OldManMalice: I get his Tapicoa after all.


      OldManMalice: :-D

    • [18:22] If you’ve never used it, start with a low temp hot glue gun
      [18:23] And get used to burning the crap out of your fingertips.
      [18:25] i’ll have to keep that in mind. i don’t want to have “got hand burnt off by glue” on my resume XD
      [18:25] hehe
      [18:25] I would say soldering irons do a great job in burning fingertips too
      [18:26] YES
      [18:26] i got burnt by a soldering iron…. a daftie in school thought it was a good idea to poke a person with it…
      [18:26] we have to put so many warning signs around the shop and at the ‘learn to solder’ stations that the END IS HOT
      [18:27] hehe
      [18:27] –> Ts_Iron ([email protected]) has joined this channel.
      [18:27] *** GlaD0S gives channel operator privileges to Ts_Iron.
      [18:27] ha
      [18:27] xD
      [18:27] perfect
      [18:28] TS_Iron apparently your end is hot.

    • [17:27] HOLIDAY!!!!
      [17:28] <– EngineerAirhead ([email protected]) heeft deze server (Quit: WHEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!) verlaten.
      [17:48] Who authorised holiday for the codemonkey?
      [17:48] * TS_Gonzo looks into the files
      [17:48] Doktor Konundrum, apparently

    • Captain Dermut

      [18:52:34] George Hoctor: Holds up Ban Hammer and glares at Jamie
      [18:52:50] George Hoctor: I’m all for puns but not bad ones

      [18:53:04] *** Jamiejibba115 holds up a ban mallet ***
      [18:53:11] Jamiejibba115: Checkmate…

      [18:53:16] George Hoctor: Has Ban Bazooka
      [18:53:19] George Hoctor: Indeed
      [18:53:26] George Hoctor: Because I have alliteration!

      [18:53:57] Jamiejibba115: Ban bazooka sounds like a really bad American cartoon…

      [18:54:15] George Hoctor: And my ban bazooka is billions more powerful than your bad ban hammer
      [18:54:23] George Hoctor: Boy

      [18:54:43] *** Dermut v O has the finger on the off switch of the internet and a look on his face that says “you know what happens if we start a ban war. the finger comes down!” ***

      [18:54:43] Jamiejibba115: … I don’t have a ban hammer. It’s a ban mallet.
      [18:55:06] Jamiejibba115: …

      [18:56:13] George Hoctor: Kinky

      [18:56:53] Dermut v O: Crazy….

      [18:57:19] George Hoctor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      [18:58:24] Dermut v O: That’s just cute.

      [18:58:53] George Hoctor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      [18:58:53] George Hoctor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      [18:58:53] George Hoctor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      [18:58:54] George Hoctor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      [18:58:55] George Hoctor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      [18:58:55] George Hoctor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      [18:59:02] George Hoctor: Lenny sees all
      [18:59:06] George Hoctor: Lenny knows all

      [18:59:09] Dermut v O: That’s just annoying….

      [18:59:23] George Hoctor: Yes
      [18:59:27] George Hoctor: Yes I am

      [18:59:52] Dermut v O: Tell me something I did not already know….
      [19:01:51] Dermut v O: No, really. Tell me something I did not already know. I’m starving for random bits of information.
      [19:03:05] Dermut v O: How about this? Why don’t you tell me about your mother? Would you like a couch to lie on, some patients find that relaxes them more…..
      [19:03:57] Dermut v O: Did I say patients… I meant… euh… clients… No…. euh…. Duck!

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Not a quote, but rather a little collection of chat statistics I made from a random log of the chat. Expect more in the future.

      Toysoldiersunite IRC by the numbers

    • [00:04] * YJ_Gonzo sets fire to the couch
      [00:06] O_o
      [00:09] what, dutch isn’t here
      [00:09] we can wreak havoc
      [00:09] I didn’t even notice
      [00:10] Anarchy!
      [00:10] * imaweirdo kicks down cardboard cutouts
      [00:11] * YJ_Gonzo helps weirdo collect them in a pile and lights them
      [00:13] Whoooo!
      [00:14] FIREE!!!!
      [00:14] BURN, BABY, BURN!
      [00:14] * YJ_Gonzo replaces all the old bandana wearing dutch cutouts while they burn with the updated beard version
      [00:15] XD
      [00:15] * imaweirdo sits in her cabinet
      [00:15] well, they were a bit outdated
      [00:18] * imaweirdo shuts the cabinet door

    • Captain Dermut

      7:24:34 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ Oh sod it. Everyone come here. GROUP HUG!!!

      7:24:40 PM @LtSophie Whoooo!

      7:24:41 PM * Captain_Dermut_YJ throws his arms wide.

      7:24:53 PM * LtSophie grabs Gonzo and Geoff

      7:25:00 PM * YJ_Gonzo hugs

      7:26:02 PM @LtSophie Right, time to start a poll on the forums!

      7:26:18 PM * Geoff_Office is squished in group hug

      7:26:18 PM * Captain_Dermut_YJ grabs Airhead, Silent and Cog and pulls them into the hug too.

      7:26:42 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ Someone grab muppet and weirdo, my arms are full!

      7:26:42 PM @LtSophie:D

      7:26:49 PM * LtSophie grabs them

      7:26:56 PM imaweirdo Yay!

      7:27:09 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ Oh we forgot Aref! Get in here.

      7:27:29 PM @LtSophie Oh noes!

      7:27:30 PM * YJ_Gonzo pulls Keptin into the hug too

      7:27:36 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ Even GlaD0s gets a hug!

      7:27:45 PM @LtSophie What about Airhead :P

      7:27:55 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ I got airhead.

      7:27:55 PM @LtSophie Oh

      7:27:57 PM @LtSophie Nevermind

      7:27:59 PM @LtSophie lol

      7:28:13 PM @LtSophie You know it helps to read properly. xD

      7:28:30 PM Captain_Dermut_YJAnd I assumed Gonzo to have taken Sari with him…..

      7:28:54 PM @EngineerAirhead:I

      7:29:01 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ Big old group hug. Hmmmmm.

      7:29:11 PM @LtSophie :3

      7:29:35 PM * Keptin hugs all

      7:29:51 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ No worries Airhead. I haven’t had my hands on superglue in days…

      7:30:00 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ not this time…

      7:33:00 PM imaweirdo Is it a bad time to mention I’ve been eating chocolate cake frosting out of the container and my hands are a little sticky?

      7:33:15 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ to late now….

      7:33:24 PM imaweirdo :P

      7:34:02 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ Still….. *hold up Ima’s hands* anyone for chocolate?

      7:34:50 PM imaweirdo Lol

      7:37:58 PM imaweirdo Please don’t lick my hands….that would be weird

      7:38:57 PM Captain_Dermut_YJ … if you don’t like weird, you’ve chosen the wrong name, deary.

      7:39:08 PM @LtSophie lol

      7:39:15 PM * Captain_Dermut_YJ offers Weirdo’s hands to anyone who wants a lick.

      7:39:27 PM imaweirdo Eeep!

    • Sgt. Dutch

      [11:44] What is rain, precious?
      [11:48] some drizzly stuff coming from the sky, like sunlight but wet..

    • [2:05 PM] Elve: I cannot find my second screen…
      [2:05 PM] Elve: No idea where it ran off to
      [2:05 PM] Lt. Sophie: Did you not chain it up?
      [2:05 PM] Lt. Sophie: You know how much they like running away.
      [2:07 PM] Elve: Yes, but I’m from PETS (People for the Ethical Treatment of Screens)
      [2:07 PM] Elve: So I do not chain them up
      [2:08 PM] Elve: FREE THE SCREENS!
      [2:08 PM] Elve: Eating screens is bad for you!
      [2:08 PM] Elve: You wouldn’t eat your phone!
      [2:09 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Who said I wouldn’t
      [2:10 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Phones are the cornerstone of a healthy meal
      [2:11 PM] Elve: Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that proteines are good for you!
      [2:11 PM] Lt. Sophie: xD
      [2:12 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Nah proteins are just something made up by the lobby groups
      [2:12 PM] Lt. Sophie: I do like the crunchiness of a phone screen.
      [2:12 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Mhmm
      [2:12 PM] YJ_Gonzo: It’s the crunchiest
      [2:13 PM] YJ_Gonzo: But the most tasty part I usually save for last is the lithium ion battery
      [2:14 PM] Lt. Sophie: Mmmmmh
      [2:14 PM] Lt. Sophie: I like them with a bit of chili mustard.
      [2:14 PM] Lt. Sophie: Really good.
      [2:14 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I do also like the spicy hot ones like the note 7, but they’re hard to find in this climate
      [2:15 PM] Lt. Sophie: Yeah. :frowning:
      [2:17 PM] Lt. Sophie: I don’t eat Apple though.
      [2:17 PM] Lt. Sophie: Way too expensive for the same cheap crap as the others.
      [2:17 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Me neither, too bland a taste
      [2:17 PM] Lt. Sophie: It’s not even organic.
      [2:17 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Yeah
      [2:20 PM] Lt. Sophie: How do you like microcontrollers, Gonzo?
      [2:21 PM] YJ_Gonzo: They’re the perfect snack to munch on during a good movie
      [2:21 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Though the crispy sound they make while chewing can be a bit distracting
      [2:22 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I like the many different flavours too
      [2:22 PM] YJ_Gonzo: There’s always one someone likes
      [2:24 PM] Lt. Sophie: ^^
      [2:24 PM] YJ_Gonzo: The best ones are the ones with some software in them, I like that nice sweet filling
      [2:24 PM] Lt. Sophie: Yeah, that is nice.
      [2:24 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Though the other day I had a bad batch there were bugs in the bag
      [2:24 PM] Lt. Sophie: Ewww
      [2:25 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Yeah
      [2:25 PM] Lt. Sophie: Did you kill all the bugs?
      [2:25 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I spit those out and wrote a long complaint letter
      [2:25 PM] Lt. Sophie: Haha xD
      [2:25 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Almost, a few managed to get away(edited)
      [2:27 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I do hope they will get me some compensation or a replacement batch though
      [2:27 PM] YJ_Gonzo: If it wasn’t for the bugs they would’ve been excellent
      [2:30 PM] Lt. Sophie: nods
      [2:31 PM] Lt. Sophie: Admittedly, I mostly only find the bugs in the software filling.
      [2:32 PM] YJ_Gonzo: There must be something in its production process which makes contamination by bugs possible
      [2:32 PM] Lt. Sophie: Yeah.
      [2:32 PM] Elve: I love this conversation that my silly comment led to
      [2:32 PM] Elve: Never change you guys
      [2:33 PM] YJ_Gonzo: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
      [2:33 PM] Lt. Sophie: munches on phone and stares at Elve
      [2:33 PM] Lt. Sophie: What even are you talking about?
      [2:33 PM] Lt. Sophie: I wonder if I can bake a phone and use mirror icing for the screen. xD
      [2:34 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Yeah Elve, munches on a handful of microchips(edited)
      [2:34 PM] ImaWeirdo: Great….it’s raining
      [2:35 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Bleh rain
      [2:36 PM] Lt. Sophie: I like rain.
      [2:36 PM] Lt. Sophie: Especially with my awesome umbrella :smiley:
      [2:36 PM] Lt. Sophie: It’s like walking with a window above your head.
      [2:36 PM] ImaWeirdo: I need to look for my umbrella
      [2:36 PM] Elve: Rain ruins phone food though
      [2:37 PM] Elve: So careful with that
      [2:37 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Not the latest one
      [2:37 PM] ImaWeirdo: I have a huge funeral umbrella somewhere
      [2:37 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Galaxy 7 edge is a great all weather snack
      [2:37 PM] Elve: Yeah but everyone knows the latest ones aren’t the best
      [2:38 PM] YJ_Gonzo: There are a few others like that but I haven’t tried those
      [2:38 PM] Elve: Like… how granny used to make Ye Olde Nokia
      [2:38 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Hmmm
      [2:38 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Nothing beats granny’s olde nokia
      [2:38 PM] Elve: Exactly
      [2:38 PM] Elve: Though, she used to make them like a brick
      [2:38 PM] Lt. Sophie: xD
      [2:38 PM] Elve: So careful with your teeth
      [2:38 PM] Lt. Sophie: They were a bit chewy, yeah.
      [2:39 PM] YJ_Gonzo: I liked how you could nom on them for hours
      [2:39 PM] Lt. Sophie: Like huge caramel brick bars.
      [2:39 PM] Elve: Doesn’t come close to caramel bars
      [2:39 PM] Lt. Sophie: True. It’s hard to compare.
      [2:39 PM] Elve: They’re more like jawbreakers!
      [2:39 PM] Lt. Sophie: Heh
      [2:40 PM] Lt. Sophie: I never had a jawbreaker though.
      [2:40 PM] Elve: Neither have I
      [2:40 PM] Elve: But the name says enough
      [2:40 PM] Lt. Sophie: xD
      [2:40 PM] Lt. Sophie: True.
      [2:40 PM] Elve: Nokias do the same
      [2:40 PM] YJ_Gonzo: True(edited)
      [2:41 PM] Lt. Sophie: lol
      [2:41 PM] Lt. Sophie: First they break your jaw.
      [2:41 PM] Lt. Sophie: Then, they break you.
      [2:42 PM] ImaWeirdo: O.o
      [2:42 PM] YJ_Gonzo: Then your toilet when it passes
      [2:42 PM] ImaWeirdo: What is going on?
      [2:42 PM] YJ_Gonzo: But the taste is unbelievably good

    • Geoff Nicholson

      [3:34 PM] Rev_Geoff: New Demonym for Toy Soldiers: a hogshead.
      [3:35 PM] Rev_Geoff: “I’m throwing an invasion next weekend” “Oh, how many soldiers will show up?” “At least a hogshead”
      [3:35 PM] Raptor: XD
      [3:37 PM] Rev_Geoff: Assuming that there will be 16 visitors, and they will consume 3.25gal of beer, mead, or ale each (over the weekend)
      [3:39 PM] Rev_Geoff: A firkin is indicative of a squad of four soldiers coming over for the weekend… consuming the same volume.
      [3:41 PM] Raptor: You post these in the FB group and somewhere on the Forums


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