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Star Wars – The Force Awakens (WARNING! SPOILERS)

    • Sgt. Dutch

      It says spoilers in the title, it says spoilers right here, where I’m saying spoilers. But to double up in case someone hovers the link to the post and sees something, select your text, and hit the little eyeball icon in the toolbar!


      That was fantastic. Brilliant. Marvellous! It felt like a Star Wars movie, like the trilogy, and it was fun. And there’s a ton of stuff I want to say, but right now I’ll stick to what stuck to my mind the most.

      When Solo is on the big bridge, facing his son (echoes of Empire), and he’s holding Kylo’s sword, you could see what was coming A MILE OFF. It was utterly predictable and so obvious. And yet, when it did happen, and that light pierces through his chest, I still jumped and gasped.

      And so Kylo Ren completed his path to the dark side.

    • Dashanka Karakova

      I loved thd whole movie! Hubby and i have been fighting over rey’s parentage…..ideas???

    • Dr. Malice

      I agree with you Dutch.

      However, for me the lightbulb didn’t go off until Kylo said, “Will you help me?” That’s when I was internally screaming , “No! Don’t do it!”

      Also, as far as Rey’s parentage goes, I say she’s Luke’s kid.

      Two factors are telling me this: Moz says that the lightsaber was Anakin’s, then Luke’s, and now it ‘calls out to you’. Also, when Fin gets zapped by Kylo and the lightsaber is in the snow, it won’t answer to Kylo’s Force Pull. It only answered to Rey’s.

    • jedimom

      I really hope Rey is just a nobody. Not everybody needs to be related! But I doubt she is just a scavenger

    • Geoff Nicholson

      Rei: Only based on her awe and wonder at landing on the island planet (like “I remember this place” not “what’s all this green shit” like on the other planet) I think she’s from where Luke’s been hiding out.

      Kylo: What a waste of time, space, effort and scripting. He’s an incompetent fool with daddy issues (and not even properly focused anger unlike other Darksiders, what idiot trained him) and they still put HIM in charge of a superweapon? Nice ‘no body no death’ sequel silliness, however. But unlike EpIV, we don’t even see him afterward to KNOW he’ll be back

      Phasma: Really, three lines of dialogue for all that hype?

      Luke: Really, no lines of dialogue for all that hype? And where’d your glove go hombre? They destroy the only glove-factory with the Death Star II (aka Bob)? Ireland was nice, tho.

      R2-D2, C3P0 & Millennium Falcon: Ugh. Fan Service.

      Also, what was up with the actors always sweating? Did they leave the heaters on in the Greenscreen rooms or something? In the sun of !Tatooine and the jungles of !Yavin, yeah maybe, but on the surface of !Hoth?

      I guess I’m as grumpy with this film as I am with the 50th Episode of Doctor Who. Too much fanservice, not enough story. Unlike the prequels, they have the opportunity to tell a new story, one we don’t know the ultimate conclusion. But they spend so much time trying to fit in fight scenes (the space-ones are well done) and fan service that they kind of forget to tell a compelling story that actually ties all the characters together. Instead they have a jumble of references, and an ensemble cast that has no real reason to get together, other than the plot.

      Why is the “republic navy” the “resistance” still? If the Empire fell, why are the First Order not the resistance? Or still the Empire? How did they fire the super weapon twice if they sucked all the power out of the star the first time. Or if they didn’t, did they build this superweapon with only two shots? Even another deathstar is slightly more useful. The rebellion found out about Bob while it was still under construction and super-secret. How did the Republic have no indication that Starkiller Base was a thing? I am at least happy that they had SOME defences on the device itself more than just this outpost on a moon or something.

      And I’m really interested to see what the orbital mechanics of the Starkiller Base system look like in the next movie, now that the star has moved out to whatever orbital position that the planet used to occupy. I wonder if it’ll become a binary system with a white dwarf where the original star was, and the new star where the planet was. That’ll be cool.

      Also, why is there a sound effect when the Force is being used? That weirded me out.

    • Dashanka Karakova

      Jedimom i 100% agree i hope she isnt lukes daughter its too cliche

    • Am I the only one that thought of Clerks when Finn said he worked in sanitation?

    • Hated Kylo Ren. People complain that Anakin was a whiny baby but Ren’s hissy-fits made me cringe. And while it is a cool nod to Jacen Solo, Jacen is a much more interesting character.

      Unfortunately I had the entire Ren/Han thing spoilt for me, but even so, I had always thought that if they were going to kill somebody off, it would have been Han

      Too much fan service. I refuse to believe that in the decades that they’ve been travelling together, Han has never used Chewie’s bowcaster! Some characters felt like they really had no reason to be there other than cause they’re original series characters. Like 3-PO and R2.

      Some of the character relationships felt kinda forced. Like how Finn and Po probably knew each other for about an hour at most, yet when they meet up later in the film, they act almost as if they are old friends.


      Then there are the lightsaber fights…I call total bullshit on those


      Other than that, the film was quite enjoyable, if rather predictable

    • Silent Addle

      So, I’m late to the party, but I’ll give my thoughts.

      I enjoyed the film, I really did, it was a much better sequel than the Star Trek films were reboot, it felt as if the makers cared about the source material for the most part, but I don’t think it was perfect by any means.


      The plot, it felt like they just ripped off A New Hope, installing the new characters through a familiar plot line.

      The Resistance? Who are they resisting? They’re at least partially accepted by the New Republic, they’re not a resistance, felt like they’re trying to make it a rebellion like in the original trilogy, where it’s closer to a neighbourhood watch keeping an eye on the troublesome family that moved in.

      I get it, Kylo Ren is not well trained, fell to the dark side before he could become proficient but Rey literally found out she was force sensitive a couple of days ago, now she’s able to use force persuade and battle meditation as well as resisting his force powers? That just felt so weak to me, the force-persuade I can forgive as she tried and had to calm herself down, but everything else was done when in the heat of battle and she’s desperate, unfocused which is the opposite of what I expect a Jedi in training to be.

      Could they always pass through a shield at lightspeed? Cause you’d think it would be a better move to load up a freighter with tonnes and tonnes of explosives, line up with the target just outside the shield, hit lightspeed zoom past and explode on collision with what ever target you wanted.

      Oh, and how did The First Order have the resources to turn a planet into a super-deathstar? I mean if the Emperor didn’t have the resources for it when he commanded the entire Empire, how can these guys who are having to work under the radar of the New Republic amass enough for it? Then consider that they’re not directing the planet at all, so they need to wait for it to be pointing in the right direction (which would last for less than a picto-second), but what about elevation? A hyperspace laser is fair enough, but the aim on that thing is going to be terrible, you might be firing in a line initially, but after a few lightyears you’re going to be a very wide beam which would dissipate before it hits it’s target.

      What the hell woke up R2? In fact the entire map thing just wasn’t believable for me, you’ve got R2 with a complete map all bar the small section BB-8 has? Hardly on the reaches of unknown space if a 30+ year old droid has everything around the section in his memory banks, and who exactly made the map cause if it was Luke how did anyone else get their hands on it?

      And I really didn’t get the Falcon being gone for decades, Han can track it minutes after it’s left Jakku but the rest of the time it’s just gone gone gone?


      Now I get it, I sound like I am moaning but beyond this I did enjoy the film, I just maintain if we blindly accept bad decisions and choices in film we’re gonna get weaker films so I am enjoying it and pointing out what felt weak and could have been improved, because you can have fun but still think critically.

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