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Spreading through the caches

    • Zapper

      So, for the last while, I’ve been dropping our fun cards in geocaches around Denmark.
      I personally think geocaching is an awesome to spread the word.. Mostly because, well.. It’s fun!

      So I thought I’d share the idea, if you have a GPS/smartphone, and haven’t tried it, go check out http://www.geocaching.com

      And now!
      Obligatory picture time!
      [Image Can Not Be Found]

    • TheAtomicSoul

      I love Geocaching; even had a pathtag made: http://www.pathtags.com/community/publicpathtagprofile.php?id=15736
      (I’m trying to make my own in plastic now due to how much those cost (about $2 to $3 USD each!))

      I don’t have a GPS though, and it IS rather required. I thought my cell phone would work but it’s crap for it. :(

    • Zapper

      Reminds me!
      I was wondering if it’s possible to modify your awesome pin so that there’s a hole through, so it can be attached to a geocoin? ;)
      Hole needs to be about dogtag-chain thingy sized..

      Could be an awesome way to spread the word too, as a lot of people will see it and read its mission/describable. ;)

      If it’s possible, I’d love to buy a couple of them. :D

    • TheAtomicSoul

      Hahaha- I’m a step ahead of you! XD
      http://www.shapeways.com/model/545336/tsu-pendent-mm.html (posted there just for a visible example: it’s still too expensive printing through other companies in 3D!)

      I had thought of giving the pins out and one of the issues with that is if someone gets/finds it they won’t have a clue what it’s about!

      So I set about making a minor change: If you go to the 3D view of the model and look at the bottom/ backside you will notice it’s got TSU in it! :D
      I’m going to test printing the above on my Makerbot to see if it’ll both save on material (how can I tell? no idea) and if it looks good enough I’ll upload it to Thingverse for people to print themself.

      Sadly ToySoldiersUnite is a bit long for something this size and the detail the reprap/Makerbots do wouldn’t be able to get that on them. When I get my proper shop set up I’m going to be resin casting and when I do I’ll be making copies of high detail pins with text on them! :-D

      EDIT: Now Available! http://www.toysoldiersunite.com/forums/topic/toy-soldiers-unite-printable-figure/page/2/#post-6885

    • Zolgar

      We’ve been invading caches for a while.

      Back on old TSU there was even a spec-ops division that was spawned from initially geocaching, but expanded on to general ‘outdoor adventure’. :)

      If there’s enough interest, we can look in to getting EARTH re-formed.

    • Sergeant Larks

      I’m about to go out on my very first geocache. I looked up three in the area, just in case I can’t find one, and I plan to leave some small TSU stuff I have laying around.

      If I can find my small TSU stuff…

      Anyway, if I don’t have anything now, I’ll be printing it off for the next geocaching trip!

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