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SOS – Product Review

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SOS – Product Review

    • Lillium

      Post about products that you own and have used and let us now if they were a worthy investment or if you wouldn’t recommend them.

    • Raptor

      BCB Nato App Survival Matches

      1 waterproof container including 25 matches
      Stronger and more effective than standard matches, these matches have extra long heads and will continue to burn through strong winds and rain
      They are NATO approved and are hand-dipped and varnished
      Production description from Amazon.

      Review: I gave one of these a trail run. The lid doubles as a striking surface for the matches. They burn long and hot, which is good. I did this in strong winds and it was fine, the trail match burned well.


      EDIT: I’ve used these in gale force winds and rain at the same time. They light, but it’s a bugger to light anything with them in said conditions. Also, there’s only 25 of them too.

    • The Disgraced Dark
    • Raptor

      Travelers First Aid Kit.

      30 PC Piece Travelers First Aid Kit for holidays etc

      1 x 5 PC non woven sponge.
      1 x Adhesive Wound Dressing (6cm x 7cm)
      1 x Conforming Bandage (5cm x 450cm)
      2 x Butterfly plasters
      2 x Knuckle Plasters
      10 x Regular Plasters
      1 x Vinyl Gloves
      4 x Soap wipes
      4 x Cleansing Wipes
      3 x Anti-Mosquito Towelette
      1 x Safety Pin

      Pros: I haven’t had a chance to use this (fortunately), but it’s really light, barely takes up any space and I paid no more than

    • Raptor

      Bump for the edit in waterproof matches.

    • The Thinkgeek Minecraft Torch,

      If you are as big a fan of Minecraft as me then this is the product for you. It is a flashlight in the style of the Minecraft Torch. Has a great distance of light, Good for decoration, a hat rack, or its intended use as a light. I give this product 4 out of 5 hamsters.

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