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SOS Bookshelf

    • Lillium

      I recently added to my collection of books that I think are essential to have incase of emergencies and wanted to share what I think everyone should have on their bookshelf and of course get some suggestions from you.

      On my bookshelf is:

      Food for Free (ISBN: 978-0-00-724768-4)

      BMA: Concise Guide To Medicines & Drugs (ISBN: 978-1-4053-2640-7)

      Field Guide to the Mushrooms & Toadstools of Britain and Europe (ISBN: 0-7523-0050-4)

      Fungi of Britain and Northern Europe (ISBN: 978-0-7537-2151-3)

      Herbal Remedies (ISBN: 978-1-4053-1282-0)

      What To Do In An Emergency (ISBN: 978-1-78020-055-2)

      SAS Survival Guide (ISBN: 978-0004723020)

    • The Disgraced Dark

      Does either the “What to do in an Emergency” or “SAS survival guide” have a first aid section?

    • Brigadier Davis

      Genuinely,one of the best most useful things to know in almost any emergency situation is knots! This may just be the scout and the sailor in me coming out but I think they’re great.

      They can me used to help form a secure shelter for you, for tying trip wires, for use in climbing or rescue, Snare traps and so much more.


      There for I suggest any book on knots you can get your hands on.

    • Lillium

      Yes, I also have the Collin Gem Little Book of Knots which I forgot to mention. It’s a nice little pocket size book with all the most useful knots.


      Both the What to do in an Emergency and the SAS Survival Guide have first aid sections but a dedicated first aid book is on my list of books to buy. As well as Where There Is No Doctor, which is a DYI book written for use in rural villages that might have no access to modern healthcare.

    • Brigadier Davis

      A supprisingly good book for general survival skills is actually Scouting for Boys by Baden Powell. As well as being the corner stone for the foundation of the scouting movement, it also contains some good advice.


      Its chapters include;




      Tracking and Woodcraft


      Camplife and Camping


      Endurance and Chivalry (after all we all know Chivalry is the most important aspect of survival)


      And Saving life and Patriotism.


      While a few of these may not be so helpful and alittle outdated, some of the core principles are actually very helpful, not just in survival but in every day life.


    • Lillium

      This could possibly be the most important book you’ll ever own.

      Where There Is No Doctor


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