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Shipping/Postage from the TSU Store

    • Sgt. Dutch

      I’d really like peoples feedback on the postage costs for stuff from the TSU store.
      At the moment, regardless of how much you buy or where in the world you are, postage will never be more than $5/£3.15. The reason being we want to make it as easy as possible (and cheap) for any Toy Soldier to get their patches and such.
      But, for the last 6 months, Royal Mail has been mucking about with prices and weights and sizes. Postage was already AT cost, and now it’s eating away elsewhere.
      Because of the sizes and weights of the parcels we’ll send (and OTHER stuff that may be appearing in the near-near-near future (shush)), Royal Mail is still the cheapest option for sending stuff around the world and the UK itself.
      So, my question is, do you prefer a flat shipping rate (that will most likely save you more in the end) or would you prefer the actual rate of postage for an item according to size/weight/location? OR we push up the prices on the items a bit, and postage will be free (I know, it’s not free if we put the cost elsewhere, but you see my point).

    • Engineer Airhead

      Correct me on anything I write below!

      Easiest way is to handle a flat shipping rate.
      Everyone pays the same, no matter what you order.

      Downside is, big orders will cost more to ship, so small orders will have to make up for that.
      The same goes when you push up the prices on all the items.

      Using the actual shipping rates will mean that for every package, it will have to go through a process of measuring and weighing before an actual shipping rate can be communicated.
      Meaning that the payment and the final confirmation of the order will have to wait untill that last piece of information is there.

      Upside is that it will be a fair price per order.

      For my 2 cents, I would go with the first option.
      Push up the shipping rate so that it would cover more of the basic expenses.

    • I would rather have a flat shipping rate that averages the cost for TSU shipping in the end than paying for packages as they are. 

    • Captain Dermut

      As a small consumer (meaning no big packages) and not a wealthy man I prefer not to bare the cost of the bigger purchases.

      I understand that with shipping costs in flux it is very hard to put the actual cost of shipping on the page, something one should have so one knows what to pay and not get stuck with an unknown in the cost of shipping an item department. After all, if an order has to be compiled, weighted and measured before an actual price of payment can be communicated is not only a pain to both costumer and supplier but it also goes against the quick and simple way internet purchases should be.

      Therefore I suggest that an average shipping cost is calculate and if this is then added to the price of each item instead of presented as an additional cost for confenience, so be it. Although I personally feel it’s a bit unfair if someone next door would have to pay as much as someone in say Antarctica. i also know that to take these things into consideration in price we need a up-to-date database of cost of shipping hooked up to our virtual register.

      What I would really like is royal mail stops dicking about with their prices so we can have certainty on costs and discuss the options with all the numbers correct and present, otherwise we might just be discussing this again in another six months.


      What I really don’t want is to be the one who has to give the final verdict on this one…… You have my commiserations.

    • Athrun Nailo

      Personally I would rather pay the for the cost of shipping my order than a flat rate.  My concern with a flat rate would be is that if I was to requisition a large tactical supply drop one of two situations could occur. The first being someone else would be over paying to offset my cost of my shipping or the second being someone has to pay out of pocket to cover the shipping just to get the order out.  I rather pay a bit more than run the risk of passing on the cost to someone else.

    • Trick

      I think an average flat rate would probably be the easiest way to go.


      The items for requisition aren’t huge so unless someone is ordering in bulk it shouldn’t come back to bite anyone… In theory.

    • Nurse Micki

      Is there a way of making a flat rate but tiered pricing structure for the postage?

      So if you order up to a certain amount of things it’s one price, then another bracket for more and another for bulk. If that makes sense? I think that way we save money in the long run but no one/Tsu won’t be footing a bill for larger orders.


      This might be a stupid idea or not even make sense, but I thought I’d put my tuppence in anyway.

    • Geoff Nicholson

      I’ve no idea if the Royal Mail has a flat-rate section, where there are tiers, but if it fits it ships. (USPS for all it’s other problems does this domestically).

      The pickle comes when you go international mail. Everyone hates international mail, with a reason.
      It looks like international shipping is about £5 these days, and it’s $25 to send the same sized box back to the UK (so definitely, keep the shipping depot on your side of the pond).

      If you can put things in envelopes rather than in parcels, does that help with shipping?

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Fraid not, Geoff.

      What they consider the maximum size for a letter is maybe 3 A4 sheets thick plus standard envelope. Anything larger than that has become a small parcel.

      There’s quite a mixed response here, so I’ll take some time to consider the options. I want to keep costs down for us all.

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