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Sentence Story

    • The game is to write a story as a community, one sentence at a time.


      So it will be like this:


      Soldier 1: The rat boarded the ship by scurrying up the anchor.

      Soldier 2: Then he found a barrel and climbed into it.

      Soldier 3: But once inside he only found broccli dohnuts.

      Soldier 2: But the rat hated broccli dohnuts so he left and stole a car.


      Hope the game rules make sense, if not here is a potatoe.

    • Albeen loved the smell of his wet dog in the morning, he couldn’t imagine waking up without it.

    • Captain Dermut

      The rain had leaked through the roof again during the night and everything was either damp at best or moist at worst, causing the aromatic presence of wet dog to arise from the furniture, awakening scenes of nostalgia and long lost summer evenings deep within his awakening mind.

    • Seasonal based amnesia ran in his family and had done for generations. He would never remember those summer nights, no matter how he woed. He had tried countless times to grease the wheels of his memory, but every time he came close to remembering the one that he wanted, it slipped through his hands, like sand.

      Even today, he just couldn’t recall the time he got smashed on White Lightning and invaded the local arcade so he could play drunken Asteroids on the only working cabinet in the County.

    • Well, it was the only working cabinet in the county up till he got finished with it. In his drunken stupor he had punted a small child through the screen. Angry tweenagers who had been waiting for hours began encircling the smashed Albeen, with shattered glass and a stunned baby on his foot he decided it was probably best for him to go. As he bagan to awkwadly sway and stumble towards the door he lost contiousness, only to wake hours later in a field, with the baby, on a boat. He wondered how he got there, slowly the blurry memories began to come back to him.

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