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San Diego Comic-con International 2012!

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San Diego Comic-con International 2012!

    • YJ Cae

      Hey everyone! Here in Fibonacci, we’re gearing up for one of the biggest and best comic conventions in the US, COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL! Zolgar the Insane got us the table, as usual, but he cannot make it this year due to it being too far, so he’s passed ownership of the table to me this year. I’m hoping we can get more to attend this year, and be more prepared!

      Comic-Con will be held July 12-15 (preview night July 11th) at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

      In this invasion thread, I’d like to talk about propaganda, lodging, transportation, and other difficulties and things we need to straighten out.

      As you know, Comic-con tickets have SOLD OUT! However, don’t give up! You can check on Craigslist closer to the date of CC. Usually people sell passes they aren’t using on there for as low as $50! These are usually press passes, and they don’t often check IDs if you already have a pass.
      If you have the money to buy a ticket, MESSAGE ME! With the table comes the perk to purchase TWO tickets at regular retail price.

      If you are a Fibonacci division soldier, check this map for a soldier near you:
      All soldiers reporting to the convention should be posting below (I’ll make a list, so just find them on the map and ask around for rides.
      Also, when you are down at Comic-con, you can take the San Diego trolley almost anywhere in the city. Because of this, a hotel kind of further away down the trolley line may be more economical. THE RED LINE TROLLEY IS FREE DURING THE DAYS OF THE CON! They have a special event trolley on the days of the con. If you look on the MTS website, it will be along a portion of the Orange line.
      If you will be staying in a hotel room at Comic-con, and don’t mind sharing a room, or would like to share a room with another soldier to cut costs, please post below.

      All great invasions need propaganda! I’m currently in the process of making a Fibonacci division paypal and bank account so that we can gain funds for propaganda, even from people who won’t be attending, but would still like to donate so we can succeed in spreading the word!
      Usually, I find that the best propaganda to pass out (and the most economical, considering how much ink and paper it usually saves) is found in the online propaganda toolkit:
      Bookmarks are the most useful. We can hand out tons of those for the cheapest price.
      Have another idea for propaganda? Post below!

      So, techiefIve has allowed us use of the new #1123 division banner being made for Doo-Dah Drei. This will probably go on the front of our table. I’m thinking we should get a black tablecloth (if you have one we can borrow, that would be great!). Last year we had Mad Xander’s table signs, but I’m unsure we’ll have them this year, plus I think they have “” on them instead of “”, but we’ll see. If Dutch also gets everything in working order, I’ll see about getting him to make some things with his 3d printer to decorate the table.
      OH! We also have Professor Falconer’s Nerf Maverick, my black wet-erase board with TSU magnet, AND the prize wheel, if we’re able to afford any hand out things (perhaps dum-dum pops and plastic toy soldiers with tsu tags?). I think it would be best not to use the Maverick because of our location, though.
      I’m also making a few signs for Doo-Dah Drei that we’ll probably be able to use.

      Usual uniforms will do. Need help with your uniform? Post here. I have tons of accessories (as do a lot of Fib soldiers that may be willing to help).

      1) Caecilia Kolibri aka “Cae”- Leader of Fibonacci (S) & Invasion Coordinator
      2) Delilah aka “Toy Scout Dagrun”
      3) Nolin Vultrus- Leader of Fibonacci (N)
      4) DJ Sandman

    • Capt. Nolin Vultrus

      well, i’ll have to see if i have any money at all for that, but i will sure as heck try! as for the perk tix, are those single day? or 4 day?

    • Zolgar

      A couple of things that should be mentioned:

      1) No stickers, period. Comic Con has the rule that stickers cannot be handed out, and they dislike the sale of them. This is because people suck and like to stick stickers wherever they feel like. If stickers are found on or around the convention center, the source of those stickers (such as TSU) will be billed for their removal.

      2) So far we’ve apparently made a good impression on CCI’s staff. This year, life was a bit hectic for me and I forgot to submit the 2012 paperwork. I actually got called, asked if we’d be having a fan table this year, and was allowed to submit the paperwork a few days late. Let’s try to keep this trending up, eh? Caecilia seems to have done a good job last year.. lets make 2012, the first year of Comic Con officially independent of Dr. Steel, the best we’ve had!

      As far as propaganda goes, for relatively inexpensively you can get double sided printouts from Staples, and the bookmarks are great too.. not too badly priced to get printed and cut from Staples too!
      Also, CCI 2010 our ‘brain washing fluid’ was a huge success. In this instance we re-purposed stickers and just removed the labels off of bottled water, and stuck a sticker to it.
      I could definitely see this being epic with some prep time, especially if someone who is in SoCal has a Costco or Sam’s Club membership, as bulk 16 oz bottles of water are pretty darn cheap, and labels could be custom made and affixed with scotch tape.

    • TheAtomicSoul

      Any idea what a hotel room would cost? I hear they sell out for miles around the con (to some years all within 30 minutes of the con.)

    • Capt. Nolin Vultrus

      well, i have a costco membership, and i have a friend who can make custom labels for that. i’ll see what i can conjure up.

    • YJ Cae

      The Atomic Soul: I really have no clue, since I live in the area and just take the trolley to the convention every morning. My best advice is to research the San Diego trolley lines (Metropolitan Transit System aka MTS), see what hotels are near that, and get a room price from those hotels. The Quality Inn in the El Cajon/La Mesa area is right down the street from the El Cajon transit center (Orange line), and is very decently priced. I suggest that one.

    • Zolgar

      Hotels: IF you can get one anywhere near the convention center you’re looking at $150+/night and usually about $20/day parking at your hotel, too.

      If you’re not adversed to camping, there’s a couple of campgrounds not far from the convention center that will run you less for the week as 1 night in a hotel would cost, then you can either find parking down town, or drive to the nearest trolley depot and park for free/cheap for the day. (This is what I had planned to do.)

    • The Disgraced Dark

      Zolgar: As far as propaganda goes, for relatively inexpensively you can get double sided printouts from Staples, and the bookmarks are great too.. not too badly priced to get printed and cut from Staples too!

      That or there are plenty of online sites, such as or that have good quality with low price.

    • Zolgar

      TS_Dark: That or there are plenty of online sites, such as or that have good quality with low price.

      True true, however the advantage of going with Staples is 1: no shipping costs. 2: pick them up there, so no concerns on shipping time. 3: check them on the spot and if there is a problem, tell them to fix it. 4: to a lesser extent helping to support your local economy.

      I personally consider these four points to be worth the few extra bucks it’s going to cost.

      However! Vista Print’s business cards are also a great resource for Toy Soldiers! They’re cheap and pocket sized. :)

    • Wurrlesk

      As a staff member of Gam3r-con, it is my duty to bring it to the attention of the Toy Soldiers. I’m not sure how much admission is this year, but it runs parallel to Comic-Con and in the same area. If we could get a little love for San Diego’s very own little player oriented gaming convention and their official Battista (that would be me) it would be wonderful!

    • Zolgar

      As a staff member of Gam3r-con, it is my duty to bring it to the attention of the Toy Soldiers. I

    • Professor Falconer

      As ComicCon looms ever closer, I can’t help but be jealous of you lucky people who get to go. Just do me a favor and throw trash at Joe Quesada if you see him. Tell him it’s because of Spider-Man, he’ll get it.

    • i saw a Toy Soldier in the back around on G4(a US tv channel) ive been trying to find it on the interweb but failing hope everything went great.

    • Moved to Completed. We want PICS!!!

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