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S.O.S. Trivial Pursuit

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S.O.S. Trivial Pursuit

    • Lillium

      Rules of this game are simple. Post the answer for the previous question and then reply with a trivia question of your own. All trivia has to be survival related.
      If we get enough of these, I’ll get buisness card propaganda made up using them.


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      At the International Wireless Telegraphic Conference in Berlin on October 3rd 1906, the SOS international distress radio signal was choosen to become the internation call for distress.

      But what did it replace?

    • Sgt. Dutch

      It replaced the landbased and maritime signal of CQD (which was french). Incidentally, CQD never meant Come Quick Danger or variations there of. In fact CQ was just an operator code for ‘secu’ from the french word securite. Operators generally accepted CQD as “All stations: Distress”.

      When a thermonuclear device is detonated at ground level, it generally obliterates everything in it’s immediate surroundings. However, what happens when it is detonated in the earth’s atmosphere?

    • Captain Dermut

      An Emp?


      When was the Swiss army knife first introduces?

    • Lillium

      EMP is a major effect of a High-Altitude Nuclear Explosion (HANE). It would also disperse radioactive particles over a much larger area.
      HANE is also dubbed a “rainbow bomb” because the magenitic field it produces also causes an aurora like effect.

      The first Swiss Army Knife was produced by Wester & Co. in 1891 and was called Modell 1890. It was originally created to allow soldiers to open canned food and disassemble their Schmidt-Rubin M1889 service rifle.


      Name three ways of purifying water to make it suitable for drinking.

    • Raptor

      Charcoal can be used as a filter for dirty water.

      Boiling water can be an easier way to clean a lot of the water, plus the charcoal from the fire can be used later. 

      Water Purification tablets are the most used method (as far as I’m aware) to clean water. 


      What was one of the hazards of making your own tinned food?

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