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RPG Forum closure/hiatus

  • Sgt. Dutch

    Greetings comrades.

    You may notice the forum index is missing the RPG section.
    Although it has had a good time of it, and provided much valuable entertainment, it’s been sadly neglected, and so it has been catacombed for the time being until interest peaks up again.

    TSU-HQ will keep a close eye on overall interest by Toy Soldiers, and if demand is high enough, it can be revived exactly where it was left off, or a new one can be started from scratch.

    We are working on expanding the ‘mythos’ of the Army of Toy Soldiers, currently through the Digital Bunker Reports.

    These will continue for as long as possible, and more may come in different formats. Either ways, the Army of Toy Soldiers and the Digital Bunker that is toysoldiersunite.com will continue to tickle imaginations with the feather of creativity.

    Sergeant Dutch – TSU Administrator and distributor of feathers

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