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Robots Of the Army of Toy Soldiers

    • Sgt. Dutch



      So Chrysalice and myself thought it was high time for us to keep an index of all the Robots that run around the Digital Bunker, what they’re called, and what they do.

      What we know for certain is that robot designations start at #1001, and end at #9999. Not all designations have been used, though we honestly haven’t done a count of how many robots are actually working and wandering around.

      Let’s get started:

      #1001 : Sergeant Dutch’s personal assistant.

      #1002 : Commander JET’s personal assistant

      #1111 : Archive robot, rather like a librarian.

      #1912 : Sent to find an old telecommunications suite (TFTDB: Ring Ring)

      #2323 : Former catering robot (DBR #1)

      #2349 : Lost during a supply run, became employee of the month at a warehouse (TFTDB: The Supply Run)

      #2716 : Fixed by King George, king of the hamsters (TFTDB: The Mechanical Debacle)

      #3298 : Bakerbot! Cookies for all.

      #4646 : Also known as the Cubee robot, who hangs around with Toy Soldier Timmy. Mainly at Sgt. Dutch’s place

      #4747 : 4646’s bigger brother, currently only a head while Sgt. Dutch works on his body.

      #5911 : Wears stripey scarf, and wanders around with random objects in a wheelbarrow.

      #7745 : Legs stolen by hamsters. Repaired since (DBR #3)

      #7782 : Waiting for Brigadier ‘Iron’ Davis at Camden Accident & Emergency

      #8899 : Can uncoil springs (DBR #10)

      #???? : The Hot Dog Man (TFTDB: Mustard)


      List has been updated on 12/09/2015

    • Just saw Robot 5911 wandering off with a wheelbarrow full of jelly babies, a hamster cage and some sort of giant wrench….. Any explanation for that? He’s wearing a stripy scarf.

    • Brigadier Davis

      I would appear for the last three years Robot # 7782 has been waiting for me at Camden A&E

    • There’s also Rusty.

      He was made up of parts from other robots that were either set on self destruct, discombobulated, or generally just defunct because of shotty wiring, circuitry or cupcake overload.


      Rusty is a rusty old bot, keeping the spirit of the past alive in his often buggy memory banks.


      He was never given a number because of being made from spare parts, glue, doo-dads and thinga-majigs.

      Nor is he an official Bot.


      Maybe someday he will make the ranks and be honoured with an official number.

      Until then…
      “Beep Ork Ork Boop Boop Beeeeeeeeeeeee…!” 


    • Anonymous

      Robot #1111 Oldbot.  Also known as Archive Librarian.  Not very energy efficient, but he does keep the archived posts from TSU’s past.  Sometimes he loses them, but not often.  He’s old, but not like Rusty who’s in various states of disrepair.

    • I have made my own robot, not in real life of course. His name is Steve, and he accompanies me on the apple app, iFunny. He is my loyal assistant who love cookies, is good at juggling grenades/nukes, and all in all he is a good friend.

    • Tinker the YJ

      Can we add this guy?!

      LINK GO NOW!

      The best is that the remote is also a dart gun and when you shoot him, stuff falls off!


    • Commander JET

      Surprised Must have!

      You always find the coolest things Tinker!:cool:

    • Constable Ad-Tavi

      OMGeez! I so want that bot!!!

    • arkwright

      I love robots!

      i tried to get an Automata walk of the ground for Red Nose Day a couple of years ago. But it just ended up with one robot walking from Loughborough to Nottingham and nearly getting arrested for its trouble.

      More Robots for good causes!

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Currently I’m writing up a Creative Guide for Toy Soldiers, with important information about the bunker, the inhabitants, the hamsters, and of course the robots, so I’ve gone over several Digital Bunker Reports and Tales From The Digital Bunker and included robots mentioned as such in this update.

      The Creative Guide will be available at some point in the near future for all you creative types to make use of.

    • That’ll Come in Handy!

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