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ROBLOX – Online LEGO Building Game

    • Epsilon V. 2.5

      I don’t know why I haven’t posted here about this before! It seems like the perfect thing!

      As the title indicates, ROBLOX is an online building game with legos. Each player has his own game or “place” to build whatever their heart desires(to a certain degree, of course. No naughty things!)and share it with the world!

      The community is clustered with war clan leaders, your typical assholes, and other people who just seem to want to ruin people’s fun. ROBLOX is also filled with unimaginative games created(read: copied)by people who just want money and fame. How about we, the Toy Soldier Army, change that?

      Together, we can create our own virtual Utopian Playland!

    • Fang

      Finally, Another Toy Soldier who plays Roblox :D If you want to add me on Roblox, my username is commanderdev (I was 11 when I made the name)

    • I haven’t played it for a while (See: at least 5 years), mainly as it was full of butt-heads and numptys.

      I think Minecraft did the whole building mechanic best really in all honesty.

      Just my say though, haven’t played in a while, so might have a look to see how things stand.


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