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reviving Skywaycraft YES!!! WE’VE GOT A VIDEO!!!

    • The Architect


      UPDATE (date now since I have so many lol) 12-19-2014….
      we have two servers up and are migrating from the original server posted below as it is way to hard to work with in due to no flat ground hardly at all, additionally the mobs have been tweeked to lower the amount that spawn as it is just too hard at this point for individuals to survive, and is continuing to be tweeked (mostly just lower how many and how often the more dangerous mobs spawn) as time goes on and parties of players band together the amount of these mobs will be returned to higher spawn rates in waves (types of mobs) so some will be more plentiful while others will not to allow the element of excitement can return once people get to powerful for current settings and the excitement lowers,

      TL:DR the difficulty will be adjusted to keep it exciting without being impossible :)

      also we have added some new mods one of which adds colored lighting, there are some sacrifices, to lighting as the mod is still being developed and 1.7.10 has new code that made it harder for the modmaker, but he is actively working hard so I have faith he will get it worked out,

      and one last update for today, 12-19-2014
      the old amplified server that we are migrating from will be added as an extra dimension and made accessible by gates so if you liked the terrain being much more rugged then you are in luck :)

      *****main thing to note, is that there are now two addresses to access a world, and if you have resources and machines you want to bring from world 1 to world 2 let me know and I will move your inventory over, even if it takes several moves, to get it all.

      new URL is the same but change the port to 246 instead of 245, so for now you can access both worlds by just logging into either server,

      thanks for your patients and time reading these long winded posts :)

      End update for 12-19-2014

       Additional UPDATE: the server is now a 1.7.10 server and mod pack, also it is a LOT harder so be prepared with your big boy and girl pants, cause there will be blood LOL.


      those that want to log on early and help with testing you can do so by using the launcher
      then you will have to add new pack and use this in the mod location address bar, then start the game and it will download the details needed, (you can see the page that updated info on the modpack’s updates will be posted and eventual details on the modpack by going to:

      For those not yet aware, this does NOT modify your official minecraft game, but makes a separate folder and builds a whole new minecraft game for modded versions, and keeps them all sorted so you can have as many modpack games installed as you like :)

      ok so now you have the game running and have all the mods and such properly auto installed (*easy!) where do you go?
      well this is where you go to multiplayer and

      add a new server using this URL   OLD amplified (high mountains)

      ALSO   NEW largebiomes

      until the testing is over it will be a 10 player server and is PVP/E all the time, and griefprevention protects builds normally but once the official launch is started many perks will dissappear like auto gaining more claim space and /home as well as /spawn commands, which will be level one VIP additions, so what ever you gain in claim space will remain, and all mcMMO levels you will retain, as well as anything you made or built. (server is not getting reset or anything :) )

      goodluck and message me in game to get set to builder status :)

      so yeah, a friend and I are starting up a new server with a custom modpack and all,Stay tuned should be in less than a week before our 50 player server should be up, with an expected time frame of it growing thusly

      end of dec 14 200 players
      mid summer 15 1200 players
      end of 15   10,000 players
      end of 16   possibility is almost unlimited and on a scale of something like facebook or evilBay.  

      the server will have a multitude of mods and a number of really good plugins outside the norms, usually found on servers, with more to come,

      Currently the server runs on 1.6.4 but soon will be updated to 1.7.10.

      Intent of server?

      Roleplay adventure (like the Dungeons and dragons sort)
      social network, (voice chat, and large server size is the end goal, more than 10,000 players per node)
      auction house (still working on this but by this I do mean real world items and real money)
      nodes will be linkable through ingame gates so travel from one world to the next will allow us to expand our network with other people who wish to run a server too :)


      on top of this we are working on a way to let people pay for upgraded service with cryptocurrencies that will require nothing more than a little time on the part of the player outside the game doing captcha’s from a list of sites we will have, instead of having to either deal with a small and eventually failing due to funds, server or having to have a paypal account or something and actual money that could otherwise be needed else where in their life.

      some images of the previous incarnation with help from Captain Jack YJ on the marble mansion lol

      *and yes we were using a modified version of tekkit then, :)

      a stargate which will be in the games again :)

      and lastly a small video I did as a test of the new system for producing promo videos for the game :)

      you can also message me through the contact page on


      Thanks for reading :)

      Sincerely, and most appreciatively,
      The Architect.

    • The Architect

      updated to include how to get to the server as it is up in testing mode with 10 players for now :)

    • The Architect

      Some tinkering and no this is not part of a texture pack :) should show on anyone using our modpack even in default texture lol.

    • The Architect

      new video of the new server and letting everyone know to re-read the original post to get the URL for the new modpack, as I made a whole new one so the old one can still be used by people if they want with out changing versions, especially since a lot has actually changed like mods not updating and finding new ones to replace the old to get better results and all.

      big news is the server is now a 1.7.10 server and not a 1.6.4 server anymore :)

    • The Architect

      updated original post, and we have a couple new photos of the new effects offered by the one major added mod :)

      some green lights made of green glowstone :)

    • The Architect
    • The Architect

      server is back up, had to do a fresh start, for a number of reasons, but the server is now running the 1517 forge, and is super stable, additionally the modpack has been revised and we added some cool stuff like et futurum, (adds stuff from 1.8 and beyond to our 1.7.10 server, giving the best of both worlds :) )

      also on the other side of things (hardware) we have a dedicated machine running server 2012, and next to nothing else, just things to keep security solid, and some options for remote logging for maintenance.

      hardware specs are

      CPU: FX8320 8 core 3.5ghz
      RAM: 2x 8gb for total of 16gb of DDR3
      HD: 1tb sata III seagate
      MOBO: FX990A-UD3

      so machine is more than able to run the tiny 20 player server on the 4gb of ram it is using, with room to expand should the players logging on need the extra power, also it can be upgraded to 32gb of ram, and HPC software is available to tie multiple machines together to allow a giant 10,000 player server once it is moved onto a gigabit fiber connection :)

      one thing, before the money shots :)
      colored lights core had to be removed, still not working properly with other mods, and unfortunately the originator, gave up and moved on, while there are people talking about picking it up, and he left it open for anyone to use his code, I am not actively focused on watching for this return, however it is not ruled out, if you or anyone you know hears any news, feel free to message me, here or on facebook, or in skype if you have my skype account :)

    • The Architect

      not sure if I should update the original post or leave it as is for archive purposes and start a new thread, but the minecraft server I was running as “skywaycraft” unfortunately is over, as it is too expensive to run more than one server, and the plugin that was allowing jumping directly from server to server with as little break in continuity (so they feel like they are all in the same universe) has stopped being updated and I think it even has been pulled as I have not even been able to find it anymore.

      but on the plus side, I am returning to minecraft, with a modded server, which will have weekend games it seems not sure on week day it will fall on, or how often, but these will be hosted on twitch for now, live, and then uploaded somewhere after editing but not as “let’s plays” where it is from the perspective of a player, but rather a 3rd party player recording it as a camera man, and in this case while invisible so as to not interfere with the players reactions ingame, with some video and audio interviews, and commentary. but arranged to be a bit more easy to watch than the original stream, and if there are people commenting on the stream, in the comment section of the twitch stream, that might be included too, as responses to them,

      so what do the people get from being recorded as they play in dungeons, and spending their time the rest of the week and month getting ready?

      in the dungeons, there will be treasure chests as usual but in these will be special blocks that can be converted to a couple crypto currencies that are donated by someone with in their community, that the players will then only have but to give us a wallet address to send these to, and then be able to do as they wish, be it hodl the coins, sell them on the open market, and go to coinbase or what ever local bank to crypto site they have access to, so they can cash out with this value to their bank accounts, so they are in every sense literal value based cash prizes of sorts, and the only requirements they have is to show up play, rifle through the chests and survive to get home with what they find, along with an interview to join the server for this event, and possibly a voting at the end of each game day, to decide who gets to stay and who goes, if we have more people wanting to join in since there will be a limit to how many can play at one time, (this limits how much the value in the server is spread out, guaranteeing more for the given players playing, instead of everyone getting a few cents because there are so many people competing for said prize crypto, :) )

      also there are other features that may be coming that would allow for exchanging right on the server between several cryptocurrencies rather than the standard in game money from say vault but one will not be able to buy anything from the server, or sell anything, nor will there be any monetary cost to play and participate. so this is not a pay to play, but a rather play to get paid, and maybe even get your various online stuff recognized, (like if a player has a twitch channel, youtube presence or even just has some stuff they do online like selling something they make, on etsy or ebay) ie, they can get links dropped in the live stream’s description, ahead of time, and what not.

      if anyone wants to collaborate too, by coming to be a cameraman and run around/flyaround, invisibly following the players with a different camera view, then swap footage at the end with me, so we can both do our own editorial cuts and  uploads, get with me, and lets see what we can do, I would love to have a show where you would get the option to have two peoples’ streams up on two different monitors and see what is going on from each persons’ perspective, I am not even sure if there ever was anything that you could do this with, as with TV you would have to be broadcasting on two different channels, and have two TVs one tuned to one channel and one to the other, XD. you, (see what I did there? :D) the cryptos involved are both AOK types where acts of kindness and charities are rewarded or sent donations by gathered coins via some mechanism, that the community of coin holders can vote on given charities (and suggest a given charity, so they get to be voted on) which then the coins and their value is transferred to said charity. I plan on making sure that this continues, if another coin comes along and wishes to get that plug, by donating some coins from their community for our players to earn and keep/spend, so that we are promoting value based coins in more than just the monetary aspects. 

      feel free to message me here, on the twitch channel over here or on any of the other locations you can reach me at, (I have not set up a discord channel directly and rarely even look at my twitter site, but I guess I will have to get busy looking at it and posting to it, if anyone even is looking there.) and feel free to subscribe, or follow as the case may be, on the various sites, (yes I have a facebook profile too, so anyone seeking to keep updated there, or even on skype, feel free to drop by facebook here and my skype handle is architct, and you can actually send me an email at [email protected] or [email protected], and I will get the message,

      right now my yahoo mail account is not getting checked often but since my ebay account is attatched to that, and I am getting the ball rolling on making goggles, masks and other various stuffs, that will start getting checked more regularly, and updates on what I will be making will be on there, (shop is literally just a door away from my machine I will be streaming on, and I will be using it to run a small laser engraver and a small 3D printer ONLY iprusa unit, each dedicated only to these tasks with my larger 3D printer/CNCmill/laser engraver/cutter in the back running from a smallish laptop. so options will be aplenty, as well as some kiln, and chemistry work going on here. exciting times indeed are to be had, so if any of that interests you, the twitch stream is where you probably will find that too.  :)


      WHEW!!! man I guess I do need a whole new thread that is just a “what is the architect up to these days!” HA HA. feel free to comment on if I should do so and you are tired of me necro’ing this thread from the dead every so often rather than just starting a new thread.

      also comments on clarity would be useful if something is unclear and I can clean it up through punctuation, just general semantics, or sentence/paragraph organization, I am always open to learning more, or having people point out mistakes so I can correct them that time and hopefully remember to not make the same mistakes in the future.

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