Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy

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Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy

    • DoctorAnomaly

      Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy. You captured the stars and our hearts. Thanks you for sharing your talent and life with us. Now you can truly sail among the stars.

    • Sgt. Dutch
    • Lt. Sophie

      I finally found the time to think and write about it. He was a true inspiration to so many people. To me, personally, the character of Spock was always fascinating. I wish we all had more of a Vulcan inside us. To act more rational, logical and less driven by our (negative) emotions. To think before we speak and act. To do what is right not only for ourselves in the moment, but also for the rest of us and generations to come.

      Leonard Nimoy’s work was truely amazing, in Star Trek as well as outside of the show. I wish I could have met him once to thank him for all he did.


      LLAP. *salutes*

    • May he boldly go unto that final frontier whence no man may return…
      He will live on, but not as we know it.



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