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    • So somebody at my work is selling the following NERF guns and I was wondering if you guys could advise me on which one(s) you think are the best:


      Nerf Gun N-Strike Raider CS-35 with 35 bullets
      Nerf Gun Barricade RV-10 with bullets
      Nerf Gun Maverick Rev -6 with bullets


    • Brigadier Davis

      I have a Raider and a Maverick, and Ive also used a Barricade a couple of times ill give you my own personal break down for each. ( Breakdowns are subject to personal opinion and are also most likely wrong, none of these guns in my collection have been modded)


      Nerf Gun N-Strike Raider CS-35 with 35 bullets:

      Ive had this gun a few year, I’m assuming your co-worker would also be selling it with the barrel Magazine. The issue I’ve always had with the gun is the barrel mag and its side mounted position, it causes the gun to feel very lopsided, dragging your arm down thus affecting your aim.  While the guns rapid fire system if effective at short range its aim is fairly sporadic and its distance is laughable for a gun its size, it is also prone to Jams, affecting your firing and mangling your darts. If you do go for this one though, they are quite a fun gun and the rapid fire is good when its working, just don’t expect to hit anything a long way away, what iv’e found best is to replace the barrel mag with a normal mag clip, making the gun a lot lighter, less bulky and aiding your aim. also its handy to bear in mind, this one cant be used with whistler darts.

      Nerf Gun Barricade RV-10 with bullets:

      In all honesty, iIve very little experience with one of these, with the exception of using them a couple of times and once shooting my own eye. From my memory it was essentially a battery powered Maverick, a little heavier, which felt quite nice, gave it a more solid feel. Other than that I cant remember a great deal about them, I’m not sure what they’re like to Mod. My biggest problem with them is they sound like a hair dryer, not exactly what you want if your going for stealth. Nicely weighted but noisy.


      Nerf Gun Maverick Rev -6 with bullets:

      I don’t think that I know a single soldier who possesses nerf guns who doesn’t have one of these, or at least hasn’t had one at some point. They’re light weight, simple to use, simple to mod guns and make good secondary guns of your primary jams, they don’t have a bad distance on them, can fire a good deal further with a little modding. The mavericks can be used with any of the standard sized darts and doesn’t seems to make much difference to the accuracy or range of the shot, though it does seems a little better with whistler darts. Biggest issue is a tendency to Jam if the darts aren’t loaded correctly.


      I either hope that this helps you to make up your mind, or prompts someone to correct me :p



    • Brigadier Davis

      Didnt know that you had the Option of a recon. Now they’re a damn good gun!

    • Brigadier Davis

      I actually use the barrel magazine off of my Raider on my Recon, and my Recons short clip on the Raider. because the Recon is bottom loading it doesn’t have the balance issue caused by the barrel mag on the side of the Raider, it also makes the Recon look a little like a tommy guy and the Raider look like a Sten Gun.

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