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Raptor needs help!

Kromina Sofya Art

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Raptor needs help!

    • Raptor

      Hey guys, it’s been a while since I said, well, really anything on the forums.

      Ok, I have a project in mind and I need some help. I want to create an ambient album (Woah, slow down Raptor) and I need you guys help with it.

      In replies, could you list what makes a good ambient track?

      I do have this; Aether Calling

      Any help would be much appreciated :)

    • Caspar Byron

      Oh man, ambient’s my forte. I can give ya some ideas, but it’s pretty subjective like everything is.

      I guess the main thing to keep in mind when writing ambient is to that it’s more often than not designed to relay heavy emotion, whatever that emotion may be. Some ambient is really heart-wrenchingly sad, whilst other ambient is really eery and makes you feel freaked out like heck. XD
      So fine tuning an ambient song to the mood you want it to portray is vital.

      Depending on the type of ambient you wanna do depends on the sounds you wanna use too. It’s always good to have, it’s gonna sound obvious, a ‘natural ambience’, as in room ambience, or foley, or something like that. Something that is simply background. It always adds an organic feel to it, but then again it all depends on what type of ambient you want to make, ’cause you might be wanting to make some more artificial-sounding ambient.

      Here’s a list of albums I can recommend to listen to for research purposes as well as amazing enjoyment. :P
      Helios – Eingya
      Tim Hecker – Dropped Pianos
      Baukhol – Fluktrom
      Hammock – Chasing After Shadows… Living with the Ghosts
      Dreissk – The Finding
      Jeremy Soule – Skyrim Atmospheres
      Tomas Dvorak – Machinarium Soundtrack
      Haruka Nakamura – Grace

      Enjoy, dude, and I hope that helps. You know where to find me if you ever need anymore recommendations of help. :)
      Good luck!

    • Caspar Byron

      …Woops, did a link mistake there and unable to edit it for some reason. Oh well. :P

    • T.F.U. Lucas Usagi

      I love creating ambient! It’s what got me started in music production. I feel as if it’s my forte as well xD

      I can point you in the direction of an ever growing forum I help mod

      They have an amazing recommendation thread with many of the artist Byron listed and more. Here —>

      There is even a “The Definition Of Ambient??” thread here —>

      Although, as Byron mentioned, the definition of ambient is very much subjective there are still some staples as to what makes a song ambient. Ideas and feelings of loftiness, of an air or aether, an openness. Reverb is probably 85% of an ambient artists bread and butter. IMO, this openness can either be dark, bright or neutral (having both dark and bright movements). The track you have up there could definitely be considered “ambient”, I think. You may even find that tuning the tempo of a track down to 60 bpm or less will breathe new ambient life into it (a track on my upcoming album had this very thing done to it with amazing results. Created the track in 120 bpm then after I was finished cut the bpm in half)

      My personal tips for writing ambient music is to let it flow, don’t worry to much about song structure in the sense of “verse chorus verse chorus interlude chorus breakdown etc”. When I write ambient tunes they usually stem from either a pad synth riff or some really reverberated guitar piece. Usually I just throw down a bunch of stems (pieces) and then go back to them at my leisure and build upon them, layer upon layer. This is basically how I wrote the first Neuron Dreamtime album, “I Am My Own Mushroom”. You can download a free zipped .RAR file of the whole album here –>

      The third ND album is also one of ambient nature, titled “The Caduceus Saga”, which I’ve uploaded a free .RAR file for download here –>

      One of my all time fave ambient artists has to be Brian Eno. Great music! Also check out Stars Of The Lid.

      I hope you have as much fun experimenting with ambient music creation as I do. ;P

      And as always, glad to help any time.

    • Caspar Byron

      -facepalm- How did I neglect to mention Brian Eno? I fail. :P Thanks for posting that forum link, Mr. Usagi. I’ll have to check that place out. :)

    • T.F.U. Lucas Usagi

      lol, yeah Eno was practically the first to use the word “ambient” to describe his tap-loops and whatnot.

      You’ll enjoy that forum for sure. It’s a pleasant forum, good people on there from all over the world, much like the TSU. :D
      I’ve prop-dropped them with links to the “Sol Detector” tribute album. ;)

      They’re doing a compilation project, pretty sure it’s still open for submissions.

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