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Propaganda Project Updates

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Propaganda Project Updates

    • Newly updated TSU Stationery (Plain)

    • Update to the Tear-off Flyer. This will work well- I merely subbed images and text, so it will fit perfectly w/the already made back tabs page.Also, it should be light enough to be considered “printer friendly.” Enjoi! :D

    • A series of TSU styled Motivational Flyers and/or handouts. However you would like to use them is fine, so print them and get them out there to the people. ;)

    • Captain Dermut

      Wow, time to reload my color cartridge.

    • not a member of this division yet, but after seeing this… damn I’m joining up!

      edit: on second thought, I’m no good at actually making things :p but this stuff is awesome!

    • Be aware before printing- Images are conceptual art, and aren’t “Official” Propaganda. These were designed to be used as flyers, posters, bookmarks, signage, stickers, or other endless possibilities. ;) The images are large, and may need to be resized or set up with a custom printer setting.

      Although the images are not official, you are welcome to use these images any way you see fit to help spread the word of TSU.

      If you need help resizing, or would like me to provide smaller images, feel free to ask- this is our job as PATF. ;)

    • “Shifting gears”… The wording in the above propaganda was taken from the newly updated Manifesto, New Notes on the Toy Soldier Army by Colonel Canker Canison, Toy Soldier Quotes, and the “Who Are We?” Flyer.

      I have found that in sharing these images on FB, I am getting MANY positive results, and a lot of friends of Soldiers have shared them too!

      So now, as I am out of material, (LOLz) I have started using the base as a background for inspirational and motivational images. I believe this is a great way to get our message out there, and at the same time, I feel it will reflect all the good that we do as Toy Soldiers. ;)

      I have made a lot of these, and will slowly and gradually be unleashing them both here and on FB for all to share, IF they wish…

    • Col. Canker Canison

      X-51 these are great!

    • Commander Radar

      These are really cool.

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