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Prop Bot suggestions

    • Lieutenant JDUK


      As those of you whom have seen the first episode of Prop Bot will already know that I had a rather beastly throat infection that day but I am now in fine health and ready for business. You will also know that I am running a little competition to fish some ideas and suggestions out of you guys and girls.


      SOOOOOO in the hallowed halls of this thread it is your task to fill it with ideas of wonderment and grandeur until the 30th of September, I will then comb through the posts and use the best ones in the show. The winner will be announced shortly afterward. The prize for this noblest of champions will receive a custom digital poster of themselves in my artistic style, looking rather dashing and awesome.


      You have been fully briefed, now go out there and get your grey matter working double time.


      YJ Lieutenant JDUK 

    • Captain Dermut

      How to do a case mod.

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Explain and showcase pepakura!

    • An alien spaceship

    • Elve

      Some random ideas that popped to mind:

      1. Bake a giant cupcake. It has to have pink icing and a small candle on top. Then feed it to a canary (are they allowed to eat cupcakes? I have no idea, just do it anyway!) 
      If you can’t find a canary, an ostrich will do instead.

      2. Go on a magical quest to find world’s first unicorn! Go out and ask people if they have valuable information or something?  (Hint: Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn)

      3. Get a table and a chair. Find a random zebra crossing. Play a game of monopoly in the middle of the road.

    • Lieutenant JDUK


      21 days to go guys and girls. GET THOSE MINDS WORKING :D

    • Lieutenant JDUK

      Times up

      AND THE WINNER IS Captain Mayo 

    • Engineer Airhead

      epic kermit is epic :3

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