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Posting Images

    • Sgt. Dutch

      How to post images on the TSU forums.

      To prevent the servers from having a nervous breakdown, or heating up to the point where we can cook an entire mixed grill buffet on them, we don’t allow users to upload images unless it’s to their profiles. So if you want to post images in the forums, they will need to be hosted elsewhere.

      For this example, we shall use Imgur as it’s the most straightforward of them all, but this can be applied to anywhere you can upload images and/or videos.

      First, aim that overworked browser of yours at and then hit Upload Images

      Then we select where we’re uploading your beautifully crafted images from. Let’s say your computer.

      Once we’ve uploaded the image that you hope to burn into the retinas of your innocent victims, we right-click and copy or select and press Ctrl + C the direct link.

      At this point, you head back to, Add a topic and/or reply to a thread in progress and before you will be the ever impressive Post Editor, where you will see several buttons. Including Insert/Edit Image.

      And this is where that link you copied earlier comes in handy. With the grace of a ballerina piloting a gunship, you Right Click and Paste or Press Ctrl + V into the box and then hit the OK button.

      Congratulations, you have now succesfully inserted an image into your post where you can play with options such as resizing, linking, and gazing at your wonderful creation. At this point I must remind you to actually finish creating your topic and submit the post/reply, otherwise no one else will be able to delight in your magnificent work.

      On a seperate note, these instructions will not work if the link you paste does not end in a filetype such .JPG .GIF .PNG or any other type of filetype.

      If the link you use starts with C:/ you’re trying to link from your actual computer, and THIS WILL NOT WORK.

      Other places you can use to upload images include Facebook, Google Drive/Photo’s, Photobucket, Deviantart, and many more. For most of these it’s important you remember to change the sharing options so others have permission to see your image.

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