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POSSIBLE SHENANIGANS – Joint Venture between PACK and SLASHER – All Hallows ’15

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POSSIBLE SHENANIGANS – Joint Venture between PACK and SLASHER – All Hallows ’15


      I have a proposal for all you fine chaps and lasses.

      If it strikes enough interest, I’ll spark up a proper mission in the missions tab, currently just throwing ideas around.

      So, to the point:

      Considering ‘Ween falls on a Saturday this year, I was thinking that we could attempt to organise a small gathering/event/mission/etc. in order to better raise awareness of SLASHER and PACK, and naturally, TSU as a whole.

      What I am currently considering is thus:

      We get a group of about 4-6 together (At a push, can likely do two), those being the ideal figures, all of whom have access to Garrys Mod, and don’t mind spending a few hours together, getting screamed at on Skype.

      Next, we find a suitable map, either a scary one, loads of those around, or a general empty large house one. Ideally, want a large empty house. From here, all but one of the group shall be the ‘Victims’. They shall enter the house, with no proper weapons, and shall proceed to investigate the house.

      At an undisclosed point, the other person, the ‘Entity’, is released/starts wandering through the house. His goal is, naturally, to kill all who dare enter his abode. This person will have increased health, likely a few thousand, to give the impression of a hard-to-kill monster.

      A Skype call between all members will be going on during all this, the Entity hopefully trying to set up as tense an atmosphere as possible, to try and get his prey spooked.

      As for the victims, considering setting down a few random weapon boxes, where each shall receive a random weapon, to hopefully increase their survival chances/give them a chance to bring down the Entity.

      Ideally, this will be played for a few ’rounds’, each ending when either all victims are dead, or when the Entity is dead.

      Ideally, would like for at least one person to stream this whilst it occurs. Would be far more appropriate I reckon. I would be recording it from my POV anyhow, to edit and place on YouTube, as a means of SLASHER propaganda.

      This is all in theory currently, just want to put it out there, and see if anyone would be interested in taking part.

      If this occurs, should hopefully be in a Private Server, so as to control who enter/leaves, and also to ensure it works.

      Let me know down below what you think squires.


    • Sounds awesomesauce and time zones permitting I would be willing to be the token…. thing.

    • Engineer Airhead

      Dang… I would say… Sign me up!

    • Time Zone wise, would likely be good old GMT, mainly as that is the main one I know.

      As mentioned, all in theory of course currently, but since ‘Ween is a fair while off, I can hopefully iron out the finer details, and see how interest goes for this.


    • Could be fun

    • Right, regarding this:

      -Hosting appears to be no issue for me currently. The dedicated server is still having a few bugs in set-up, so it is currently only bog-standard game hosting.

      -Server should be running by October though, Gods permitting.

      -As to the actual mission, I have identified three possible maps. I will likely either take brief videos of these, and post here, to see what is thought of them.

      -That, or someone can come on a tour around with me, so we can also test the basics that I initially outlined in the initial post.

      -I have found a fair few hard to kill entities that players can become too, so there would likely be a need to sort out who wants to be killed by what.

      -Also, I have the fancy camera installed, once properly configured, those recording can record like a camcorder, adding to the atmosphere if they so wish.


    • ulrikelisa

      Takng into consideration that I’m technologicaly challanged and have no idea how this works, I’m willing to give it a shot if someone holds my hand. (Preferrably not the weapons one.)

    • Fret not, it’s G-Mod.


      The entire thing never works right anyhow, main reason it’s so fun.



      Me and Scouter have many hours in it though, so we’ll likely be on hand to aid people through this, should need arise.



    • Scouter715

      A friendly reminder to make sure you install all the mods before you do this. That way you can join us as soon as possible. If you have any questions where to find this do not hesitate to ask. 

    • I still have that collection of mine on Steam Scouter, I’ll likely link to it once I’ve updated it.

      That consists of the main ones that I use, and will likely be used in this.



    • Scouter715

      Update: The Garry’s Mod event at the end of the month is canceled. We will try next year. 

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