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Pets and Zoology

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Pets and Zoology

    • If the answer is yes, then join me in my mission of create the Special Interest Division #6 Zoology.

      If you like animals, post here, if you like pictures of critters, post here, if you wanna learn about an animal, post here, if you are researching how to care for a pet post here. Here is where all the animal love shall be.

      It wont necessarily be dedicated to solely zoology studies, it will also include learning about different animals. How to care for exotic and non exotic pets, pictures of your pets. Stories about your pets, and basically anything animal related. Animals are my passion, and I hope there are other Toy Soldiers who love animals too.


      If you have any question make a post in this thread, and I’ll reply within a few hours usually.


    • pigchickencow

      I like animals, especially tasty ones

    • We can explore the agro-industrial complex, if youd like to learn how that cow becomes a burger. We are about everything animals.

    • So I have alot of animals. I have a Syrian Black Bear Hamster, a Albino Nelsons Milk Snake, A Pembroke Welsh Corgi, two Black Tailed Prairie Dogs, two Red Eared Slider Turtles, and two Chinchillas.


      Out of all of them I think my favourites are the Prairie Dogs, they are so playful and always want attention. And when they greet each other they kiss. Its super cute. And when they play they wrestle. They are so full of love. And they are really smart. They actually have a language that is capable of saying things like, “Here comes a large man wearing a red shirt.” They are truly fascinating and are considered a keystone species on the Prairie, meaning if they go extinct a lot of other animals will too. They are wonderful creatures.

    • Does anyone else have any pets that they want to talk about? 

    • gamergirl244

      I like animals but I am allergic. We should totally go to the zoo though.

    • I just got a new copy of Zoo Tycoon EEEE!!!!bliss_gif

    • JohnUnleashed

      @Specialist Kit Allison said:
      I just got a new copy of Zoo Tycoon EEEE!!!!bliss_gif  

      Have we known each other all this time and never previously discussed Zoo Tycoon? That is my frickin’ jam, man.

    • I never took you for a Zoo Tycoon person. It is the best game ever. We should have a zoo tycoon party.

    • Argfhfjk, No matter how carefully I do things I always run out of money in Zoo Tycoon, any tips John?

    • JohnUnleashed

      @Specialist Kit Allison said:
      Argfhfjk, No matter how carefully I do things I always run out of money in Zoo Tycoon, any tips John?  


      – Raising prices, especially in admissions. I try to avoid this route because guests are happier without it, but when you need the cash, it’s one of the most reliable ways to create a profit. Visitor amneties are always helpful here.

      – Compost Heaps can help produce a limited amount of cash, but they’re gross. Put a few in a corner of the zoo away from your guests.

      – In a longer game, sometimes I sell off older animals, which usually die in a few years of game time. If you adopt some lions, and they have several cubs, it’s safe to sell off the parents. You get cash back.

      – There’s always the old money cheat, shift/4 ($) during gameplay. Make sure maintenance workers are prepared because the cheat often destroys fences. I usually do it before building anything.

      – Fire staff if you can help it, particularly tour guides, since they eat up cash on a monthly basis, whrereas buildings and animals are one-time costs.

      – You can sometimes receive cash awards for the births of endangered animals, I believe.


      – I usually play freeform where cash is unlimited, not campaign/challenge mode, but…

      – Donation boxes attached to exhibits are always helpful for gaining cash, though they can be annoying as heck in a freeform game when cash isn’t an objective. If guests like the exhibit, they donate happily.

      – Photo challenge completions can help earn cash, if you’ve got the skills to fulfill them.

      – Again, jacking up prices.

      – There’s no official cheat, but there does exist a small mod that changes it so deleting an ATM machine awards you a substantial windfall more than the price, making it something akin to a ‘cheat’.

      ZT Xbox:

      – idk, is there even cash in this one

    • Thanks, I just went the cheat route, cause I wanna make an epic sized zoo with every animal in the game.

    • I just applied to a job as a petting zoo keeper at the Brookfield Zoo. And as a admissions ticket seller. But its a job at a zoo, that is my new dream, to be a zoo keeper.

    • I’m going back to school to earn a degree in Zoology. EEEEEbliss_gif

    • gamergirl244

      Good for you, its good to study what you love.

    • I’m training one of my Prairie Dogs to perch up on my shoulder. They are a lot of fun.

    • Just got and put together a new cage for my prairie dogs, its as big as a person, so I can adopt a couple more prairie dogs come spring.

    • My chinchillas had a baby!!!!!bliss_gif

    • Corgi ancidot time.

      Once upon a time I went on a drive with my Corgi to get something to eat. We were in the car for maybe an hour and a half. Listening to music, windows rolled down, having a good time. We get to the resturante and eat outside and We are sitting around and I figure its best to take him on a little walk. I get up and we start strolling around and he is sniffing and peeing and doing dog stuff, when we come to the edge of the resturant parking lot he starts to pull at the leash. Like really pulling, so I go okay might as well let him lead the way. So I follow him around, going all over the place, well we end up behind a strip mall and he really starts pulling at the leash, he is trying to run. I speed my slow butt up and run with him behind these buildings. We rounded a corner and WHAM. This disgusting, putrid, rotten, stinking smell hits me. My dog (his name is Dringo) turns his head and looks at me, with this huge grin, got his tounge hanging out and this satisfied glint in his eye. He found the most attrocious dumpster I had ever smelled. And he wanted to get closer to it. And I’m right behind him going “hell naw” and I tug on the leash to leave and he lays down. He gives me this dirty look like how dare you not like where I took you. I tugged again and he started to crawl closer to the dumpster. Thats when I see it. This big funky smelling puddle with a little stream leading back to the dumpster. And Dringo is only inches away. Now I go there is no way in hell that I am gonna let him crawl and roll in that putrid water then get in the car and sit in my lap. So I pull back on the leash and go hand over hand pulling the leash toward me as I walk over to him so he cant get closer to the puddle. And he is trying to. He is stretching as far as he can. I finally get over to him and scoop him up in my arms and start walking back to the car with him in my arms. The End.

    • Ali Sami Farooq

      Hii this is Ali Sami Farooq, I’m also nature love and i also like pets. I hate those people who harms the nature.SO guys don’t harm the nature and animals.
      Take a pledge to save the nature.

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