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Perfect World

    • Sergeant Larks

      So, I’m not sure if anyone plays this game, but while I was out at the store, I was looking for a League of Legends prepaid card and it seems I accidentally picked up a Perfect World one instead.

      It was only $10, but I’m sure if anyone plays, they would be grateful to have it. I’ll happily give it out to any member of our division who plays, free of charge.

      EDIT: Of course, by “give out”, I mean I’ll PM the scratch-off code on the back to the interested party.

      Oh, and if more than one Soldier is interested, I’ll think up some fair way of deciding who gets it

    • Captain Dermut

      I think I have an perfect world account…. somewhere….


    • I used to play it, but it got rather repetitive…

    • Chaplain Gumdrop

      I actually still play a couple Perfect World games. Anybody who plays those games could always use a bit of Zen.

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