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Opportunity for a digital invasion

    • Flare by N-N-E

      Fun is generated by (good) games, games are generated using creativity and skill, and all these things are most fully enjoyed when shared with others;


      I would like therefore to bring to your attention a game made not for money or recognition but for fun, a constantly evolving digital construction built by a few dedicated people who believed the could create something special and choose to share it with all of us for free and to welcome us not just as players who wish to have fun, but as fellow creators who wish to express our creativity and hone our skills.


      This game is known as Zero-K


      It is a war-game in which no living thing is hurt because all “combatants” are robots


      It is an open project where you put your creativity and skills to good robot-related use.


      And last but not least it can provide an additional way Toy Soldiers can interact with each other, a place to meet that is unrestricted by geographical distance where we can create, have fun, and blow stuff up (without hurting anyone)


      So let us bring the Steel spirit to Zero-K, are there enough strategists among us to form a TSU guild so that we may invade this digital universe where the singularity has already happened?


      Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-K


      Official site:   http://zero-k.info/


      My Zero-K id : UnbreakableNoob  ( contact me in the lobby there if you need any help)

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