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Operation: SweetTooth/SavoryTooth

    • Dr. Malice

      Operation Parameters:


      In a world full of different people, with different likes and dislikes, there are the Sweet-Lovers and the Savory-Lovers. 

      This Operation is a means to reach out to someone from across the globe from you, and introduce them, their friends, and their neighbors to some international delights!


      Here are the rules:

      1. Add the required information as a reply to this thread. Required information includes:

         a. Your Name

         b. Your Shipping Address

         c. Do you prefer Sweet or Savory?

         d. Any Allergies? 


      2. Once a Month, pick a name from the Replies of this Forum Post and send them a box that conforms to their preferences (Sweet/Savory, Allergies). The limit to spend on this box (not including shipping) is around £5-£10 ($7-$15). 


      3. Choose to whom you will be sending the package to. There are some basic parameters to follow for this:

         a. Choose someone that does not live in the same country as you.

         b. Send me your choice via PM

         c. If someone has already chosen your choice, you’ll be made aware of this and have to pick someone else.


      4. Ship it out to the recipient. 


      Things NOT to send:

      Perishables (Fruit, raw meat, Dairy Products, Etc.), Alcohol, illegal substances (even if they are legal in other countries), anything that could be seized by Customs Agents (Please use the internet to find more info on this).


      PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone will like the same things you do. Do not be offended if they don’t. Thank you for contributing. fest33bliss_giffest33

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