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Operation Revive CHEER

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Operation Revive CHEER

    •  Hello, if anybody is interested in helping me with this Mission post your address below and send out letters to each other. Its time to get to know one another through snail mail.  I love getting letters in the mail, its exciting, kinda like Toymass but all year around. So put your address down and send out a letter.

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    • Silent Addle

      Please do not post your private address on a public forum, it is possible for anyone to read these forums and gain your address.

      Safety first, if you want to run something like this Kit, get users to PM you addresses or something that won’t put their safety at risk.

      Also, consider how to arrange such a project, by doing something this way it would be possible for someone to send a lot of mail and never receive anything back, additionally I know WRITE were looking into a pen-pal program that has yet to end up going anywhere, consider contacting WRITE to see if you can take over as they may have some groundwork laid out for you (or if that project is still under progress you might not need to organise, but can just take part).

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