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Operation return the favour

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Operation return the favour

    • Engineer Airhead

      Date: 19-01-2014

      Location: the Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands

      Members: Gonzo, Delina and Airhead

      It started with a simple question. Want to infiltrate the Efeling meet again?

      Felt great to go back to the place where Delina and myself were recruited bij Gonzo :) Even the weather was good for a winter invasion!

      Dry, a bit cold, a bit windy while taking the bike over there. Good thing the rest had public transport or cars. Imagine having to recruit sleepy, frozen subjects :I

      After bribing the event manager and walking our way between the cosplayers and other visitors. It didn’t take long before the first outsiders noticed our uniforms (we seem to be kinda unique between the cosplayers). And soon after, the first flyers and digital propaganda exchanged hands.

      How much fun we had during the day!

      It wasn’t long before we were in the first ride where we got to get all out. The pirate ship! The laughter, the yelling, the smiles, the trying to hook up one of your gay friends with the ride supervisor…

      Ah yeah, the fun xD

      But yeah, after a lot of screaming and trying to get the opposite part of the ride to scream as well, it was time to move on.

      Walking around the park, going down the many rides, making fun of each other and with each other. Trying to keep a straight face when visitors keep asking the same questions…

      “Why do you wear thoso clothes? Is this some kind of bachelor party? Do you get a lot of questions about your clothes?”

      Seriously, how can you not laugh and make fun of them while answering those questions?

      However, we did not have the time we had in our recrutement period. The park closes at 1800 and we still had to go to a live show (search up “raveleijn”) written by Paul van Loon. It was quite the performance, but in the end it was just “dances with horses”. We do need to get the blueprints for the steampunk 5-headed fire breathing dreagon though… Would make a nice guard for the bunker!

      Anywoos, with a little luck, we might have recruited 2 more assets for the greater cause.

      And who knows… At this rate, in 20 years from now, the #512 might actually make a decent group!

      Well this is it for todays mission report, see you next time!

      On behalf of the #512, Airhead out!

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Congratulations on an invasion well done.

      By the way, Pardoes called. He knows what you did behind Bolle Guis.

    • Some pics:


    • Engineer Airhead

      Those bloody bright LEDs…

    • Delina

      It was very fun indeed. I can’t wait until the next meeting laugh

      And there is still one thing to say. Airhead, You forgot one member of the tsu. Sure I also didn’t know his tsu name but by torture he gave it to me xD.

      His name is *insert drumroll sound* Dirowa (he is the one sitting in the middle row on the right, first picture). Yes you can thank or kill me later kiss (like to see you try haha).

    • This pic is the awesomest!

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