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Operation: Dig Deep! – The Aftermath

Kromina Sofya Art

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Operation: Dig Deep! – The Aftermath

    • Engineer Airhead

      Priority update

      The VOTING PAGE is now open for your votes!!!

      Some rules are in order though…

      • Only one vote per IP address!
      • SergeantDutch, EngineerAirhead and Voltor are capable of voting, but are out of the voting system!
      • Results are only visible once you have cast your vote!
      • The voting system will go offline on Friday the 21st of March 19:00 GMT. (after that, votes will be counted and the winner will be announced)

      This topic will be to discuss the entire operation, as well as to give us feedback on what to improve for next time.

      Even more to share the following 2 minecraft saves!!!

      TSU Clean (1.6.4).zip (Before it all began)
      TSU Aftermath (1.6.4).zip (What you made of it)

      Extract savefiles above to the default minecraft save file location ;)

      I’m trying to get a decent voting system up for all the submissions I’ve managed to find.
      But feel free to send me whatever was yours based on the savefiles!

      I’ve managed to find 130 submissions based on the signs.
      But please do note that shared effords have not been added to keep things fair (this involve the cookie production line and the main shaft).

      I will update this post somewhere along the weekend with the finished voting system for the first round!!!

    • Have fun trying to find the best one XD

    • Trigo
    • Corporal Frost

      We had an Ice storm in my area and my internet and power went down. I didn’t get to finish m stuff :(

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Though you have the saved versions above, I’m currently working on an even larger and feature rich Digital Bunker map with the saved version at its center.

      Incidentally, if anyone has any experience with world generation or dungeon generating mods, please contact me, because let’s face it, the ultimate goal here is to create an overworld with NOTHING BUT BUNKER no matter how far you go.

    • but… world is infinite O.o

    • Engineer Airhead

      The voting system is now open for all of you to use and share!

    • Sgt. Dutch

      I have cast my votes.

      May the odds be ever in your favour.

    • Engineer Airhead

      The voting system has been prepared for round 2!!! (the final round)
      I ask you all to, once more, cast your votes for the ultimate winner!

    • Sokamin

      This voting system doesnt work when 2 soldiers live at the same adress!

    • Engineer Airhead

      I know, but this is the only way I can make sure the voting system doesn’t get rigged without having to require a login system :I

      Guess the cases where multiple soldiers live on the same IP, they will have to choose together…
      Sorry for that…

    • Engineer Airhead

      And the results are in!

      Congratulations to Sgt. Nack (Richard W. Peterson) for winning first place in the builders challenge. Your enormous statue must have made quite the impression!
      (a hamster from the logistics division will contact you regarding your address so that we can ship you your prize).

      And congratulations to Shar (Sharona Koch) for winning second place! Having turned half of level 13 into a swamp in only a few hours (why did my body crash at that moment?) was quite a thing to walk (fly) through!

      And for third place, congratulations Delina (Nathalie Ligtenbarg) with your huge tree! Made by hand, adopted by nature and still growing as we speak!

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Congratulations Soldiers!

      Epic constructions all round!

      Sgt. Nack, your prize will arrive imminently, and when I say imminently, I mean however long trans-atlantic postal services take to deliver it. I really have to start investing in long distance drone delivery.

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