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Operation Charity.

    • Brigadier Davis

      This is a beautifully simple little idea which I acted on impulsively.


      A letter came through my door from the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). A UK Based charity which runs pretty much every life boat around the British isles. 

      Because of where I live and my training in sailing its always a cause ive supported, as they get no government funding and are entirely donation supported.

      Whilst donating to them I had an Idea. I donated on behalf of T.S.U

      I included a T.S.U soldier sticker, and wrote on the back that the donation was on our behalf.

      You never know, we may have someone join up from the RNLI.

      At the very least, if You guys are going to donate to a charity or cause, maybe just slip a sticker or piece of prop into the donation letter.


    • Sgt. Dutch


    • much approval!

    • The Disgraced Dark

      Excellent! Supporting and propping at the same time, nicely done.

    • Sgt. Pinkerton

      beautiful, exactly what I wanted to do if I had the money, but one day…

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