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Operation: C2E2

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Operation: C2E2

    • I have made inquires pertaining to getting a booth at C2E2 in Chicago for April 2017. I expect to have a division up a running by that point in time. I have never set up a table at an event before. Hell I don’t even have any minions yet for my division. But I refuse to fail. Even if I am the only one at the booth come April, the Army of Toy Soldiers will have a noticeable presence in Chicago. Though anyone with past experience with these things, I’d appreciate any tips you got.

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Good luck, comrade!

      You may want to consider what it entails setting up a table for the Army of Toy Soldiers.
      Are you going to have anything on there besides leaflets? Perhaps have a redecorated toy robot dancing, or display your armory of repainted NERF guns, or a fun game for people to play.
      How much is it going to cost? Who’s going to pay for it?

      Have you practiced your schpiel and what are you going to tell people?

      And are you going to sell anything to cover the cost of the table? Toy Soldiers Unite, the site, shop, and such is my company, so you can’t sell anything with the logo and such on it without prior permission, or make a profit it from it (has to be ‘at cost’) but if you’re selling other things, that’s a different matter.

      We’ve got the MCM Expo coming up soon here in the UK, which we’ve been doing for many years now. I’m not sure to the scale of C2E2, however I can probably answer any questions you might have in general. You should probably also mention how much tickets are going to be, location, how many days, what cheap hotel or hostels there are nearby.

      (Just clarification here: Like I said, TSU is a company, however the Army of Toy Soldiers is the community. I don’t own the community, just facilitate it. It’s a symbiotic relationship thing)

      (another note, there’s no ranks in the Army of Toy Soldiers. Division members are on equal footing to Division leaders)

    • Thanks for the tips and things to think about. I’ll start gathering that information shortly and post it up here. And about the TSU logo, I saw under propaganda missions the custom m&ms where you can put images on them, would it be alright if got some with the TSU logo to hand out (not sell) while recruiting?


      (And I’m guessing you rank note is about my calling people minions. I just like the sound of the word minion.)

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Yep, go ahead with m&m’s thing. Though make sure you keep the ingredient list handy in case of allergies or emergencies.

    • Thanks, and will do. I feel sorry for those who are allergic to chocolate. Though I do have a funny story about that.

    • C2E2 2018 planning and organizing has started. They seem to have made it easier to get in touch with the event organizers. So getting space for a table should be easy breezy. If we get a table that should drive up recruitment and hopefully we can start having some larger group outings.

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