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Official ACES project: ACES wings!

Kromina Sofya Art

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Official ACES project: ACES wings!

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      New official ACES project: Make your own ACES wings!

      What you will need:

      • An official Toy Soldier pin
      • A pair of plyers
      • Gorilla Glue or similar heavy-duty super glue
      • A pair of silver wing pendants, available at Michaels
      • A couple of butterfly clasps (also available at Michaels)


      First, secure your Toy Soldier pin. They are available here on the Shop page.


      Now, go to Michaels. In the section where they have beads and charms, I found a pair of silver wings. Very heavy and sturdy, each wing is a little over an inch and a half long and the package comes with a left and right wing. I think it sold for $4.99 but I got it on sale for around $3.50.

      Also at Michaels you will find the butterfly clasps. They come in a package of about 100 for around $3.00. I don’t think they sell smaller quantities, alas.

      Gorilla Glue can be found at a hardware store such as Lowes or Home Depot.


      Ok, now you’ve got all your materials. Take the plyers, and break off the pin on the back of your Toy Soldier pin. You won’t really be able to use it after this anyway, and it will just snag on things.


      The wings have a loop on one end for threading a string through, and a hole on the tip for the same purpose (which we don’t have to worry about). On mine, one of the loops was a bit bent so the wing wouldn’t lie flat; if you get one like that you’ll want to take the pliers and carefully try to bend the loop so that the wing will lie flat. (Or just break the loops off, you won’t need them and they won’t be seen.)


      Take the wings, and lay them down on a table (make sure you have some protective wax paper or something on the table; you don’t want to accidentally get superglue on your mom’s good dining room table or something!). Lay the pin on top, and arrange the wings the way you want them. I opted to have my wings stretch straight out on either side (US style); you may want to have your wings spread upward, like the ACES patch suggests (UK style).


      Now carefully lift off the pin. Put super glue on the parts of the wings you saw covered by the pin. You don’t need a lot, but if you get too much, don’t worry, Gorilla Glue dries clear. Now carefully place the pin back on the wings the way you wanted it, pressing down gently (be careful not to get the glue on your fingers!), and then allow to dry for a few hours.


      Once the glue is dry, turn the assembly over. Take two posts from the butterfly clasp package. The backs of these silver wings are flat. Put a dab of superglue on the back of each post, and then press them onto the backs of the wings, one on each wing. Allow to dry.


      And viola, your pin is done! Pin it on your uniform and wear it proudly!


      Here is a picture (albeit blurry, it’s blown up from a photo someone took of me wearing it) of the pin I made.

      ACES wings


      I had some difficulty with the wing placement so they came out just a tad droopy, but not enough that anyone other than I (who am OCD) would notice.


      Have fun!


      – Sky Marshal Goode

    • Sgt. Mustache

      One suggestion:
      wash the parts (where glue will go on) with dish soap and water.  Sometimes there is a bit of molding release or other invisible film on parts, and washing and drying them will improve the glue’s adhesion.

      Let them dry, then follow the directions as above.

      If you still have a problem with the glue not sticking well (unlikely with GORILLA glue), use a bit of fine sandpaper on the parts where the glue will touch…this give the glue more ‘tooth’ or grab on those spots.
      Assemble as above.:D

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      Sadly, I can’t find those wings at Michaels anymore.

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