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Notes on Propaganda – Please Read

    • Sgt. Dutch

      I’m hoping this will be particularly useful to new recruits, as well as veteran soldiers to the Army, and with any luck, will help everyone when it comes to making propaganda.

      Explanation of Propaganda:

      It’s marketing. It’s public relations. It’s informing people about the Army of Toy Soldiers and convincing them not only to join, but also to encourage them to create something or to embrace their talents. Every business and organization does it. They call it marketing and PR, we call it Propaganda because we want to make people realise that what they see every day on websites, tv and on the street is Propaganda as well and that they should think carefully about what they’re being convinced him.
      The word Propaganda has gotten a bad reputation because of it’s effective use for war and politics. We’re taking it back and reminding people it’s a force of good as well.

      The Army of Toy Soldiers Propaganda:

      Ours is a mission of fun and creativity. Our propaganda should reflect this. The Army parodies other armies of destruction, by being an Army of creativity. They destroy, we create.

      So don’t be afraid to make use of popular army/military phrases, but adapt them to suit the needs of TSU. “We need you for the Army of Toy Soldiers.” or “Enlist today! Service guarantees fun!” etc.


      This is important. Inconsistency leads to confusion and misinformation. Treat propaganda like a marketing agent or designer would.

      The standard colours that represent the Army is predominantly Black, a dirty/dark yellow, and a tiny amount of red in proportion. Feel free to adapt as required, but remember that these are the things that make people recognize us.

      Also, the logo’s. Feel free to use the following, adapting them as suited to whatever Propaganda you’re creating.

                  Female Engineer


      For legal purposes: These images are the property of and are licensed under creative commons as:

      CC BY-NC-SA

      This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms.



      Final note about Dr. Steel’s Logo:

      Dr. Steel has retired, and in his last communications with the Administrators of TSU, as well as in his last letter sent to Commander JET, made it clear he no longer wishes to be promoted in any form. is permitted to use his logo and images ONLY for archival purposes. As such, we’ve gone out of our way to create the Doctor Steel Archives which is home to all of HIS original works and material, with the exception of the music available for sale on iTunes and Amazon (however there are places to look for his material if your internet-savy)
      The Army of Toy Soldiers, and, is now 100% independent of Dr. Steel, this is for several reasons but most importantly because we legally prohibited from using Dr. Steel’s materials for ourselves.

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