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News and Updates

    • Nurse Bunny Juju

      Dear Rainbow Corps, 

      I come to you today with great sadness in my heart. As some of you know this is not my usual style. I am normally upbeat and optimistic. And I will be again but for now I am in mourning. I live in Florida and I am not only not that far from Orlando but I visit Orlando quite a bit. As you may also know I am also an active member in the LGBT community. Plus I am also a gay man. Add to that one of my closest friends was there when the attack happened. Luckily she got away and was unharmed. Shook up but unharmed. This has hit me very close to home. I will be back soon. But I need at least a couple of more days to get myself together. We will march forth. We will grow stronger. I send my love to you all. Near and far. You are my fellow soldiers but most of all you are also my brothers and sisters. I shall return soon.


    • Captain Dermut

      Dear SPC Voodoo,


      Glad to hear you are okay, first off. Secondly, know that a lot of folk here (as I can’t speak for everyone, just everyone I spoken to in the last few days) have felt the events of Orlando and our hearts, minds, prayers, donations and well wishes go out to all involved directly or indirectly.

      I’m personally glad to hear your friend is physically unharmed and that your vision of the future has not darkened. The support of the army is with you. For me the Utopian Playland has always been a place where people could be who or what they want to be, no matter of race, color, religion, sexuality or how one wishes to identify or practice the previous mentioned aspects of their personality. Stay strong. We have your back and together we will stand against this tide of hate.


      In the hopes that these few pitiful words help you and all involved:


      Captain Dermut, YJ.


      P.s. *Hugs*

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