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New site layout – LOVING IT

  • Sgt. Dutch

    Seriously, I got to credit Engineer Airhead for the redesign. It feels lighter (well, obviously, not just in appearance), and runs a lot smoother.

    Well done on the switch, I know exactly how stressful it can be (specially with the database)!

  • Engineer Airhead

    It’s not done yet, still need to fix the ID card generator And the map. But I might as well use this time to completely rework those 2 plugins!

    But thanks!

  • Still getting used to finding my way around the forum content, as any new UI will always be the enemy for a time, but in terms of being easy on the eye, this is a grand improvement.


    Yes, better. It’s like a fresh breath of air. Thank you Engineer Airhead!

  • badwolf

    Just came back and found the changes. Also found the profile editing layout unclear. Uploading and engaging the profile photo is reasonable, but I was unable to engage the cover photo. Where’s the ” big red button “, so to speak?

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